Alchemic Dream Announces Contract With Linden Lab
Toronto, 2005, October 25 - Alchemic Dream Inc., leader in customer support services for MMOGs, today announced a contract to provide first level support services with Linden Lab, developer of the acclaimed 3D online world Second Life . Starting October 1st, Alchemic Dream will provide customer support for Second Life including localized support services with the upcoming international expansion of the virtual world.

“Second Life is an expanding online world, that has turned the dream of the famous “cyberpunk” writer William Gibson into reality” explains Aurélien Merville, CEO of Alchemic Dream Inc. “To answer the needs of its customers with the best possible quality, Linden Lab appointed Alchemic Dream, Inc. - the main provider of customer services in the online world industry. We’re glad to work on this innovative product and we’re convinced that our knowledge of the market will contribute to the satisfaction of every customer!“

“Alchemic Dream Inc. is a great fit for Linden Lab” said Robin Harper, Linden Lab’s SVP of Community. “Their home-based agents are extremely cost-effective and because Second Life hosts an international community, we find Alchemic Dreams’ multilingual support invaluable. I’m pleased we were able to find a company that not only met our service requirements but is a good personality match as well.”

About Alchemic Dream Inc.
Alchemic Dream Inc., leader in services for MMOGs, is a Canadian company specialized in management, support and localization of MMOGs. Alchemic Dream manages titles such as Dark and Light, Project Entropia, A Tale in the Desert and Adellion.
For more information about Alchemic Dream, visit the corporate website at or contact the company at ?

About Linden Lab
Linden Lab was founded in 1999 by Philip Rosedale to create a revolutionary new form of shared 3D experience. The former CTO of RealNetworks, Rosedale pioneered the development of many of today’s streaming media technologies, including RealVideo. In April 2003, noted software pioneer Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus Development Corporation, was named Chairman. In 2005, Linden Lab was named an AO Top 100 Innovative Company by Always On.
Based in San Francisco, Linden Lab employs a senior team bringing together deep expertise in physics, 3D graphics, and networking. Team members have previously worked for market leading companies such as Electronic Arts, Maxis, Macromedia, Disney, THQ, Acclaim, Hasbro, Mattel, and RealNetworks.

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