FREE Alten8 Skateboard DVD Free with every copy of EA Skate bought in store at Blockbuster UK
Company: Alten8
Alten8 is pleased to announce that it is working with Blockbuster to provide a FREE copy of the Alten8 produced ‘Skateboard Tips And Tricks’ instructional DVD with every copy of EA games SKATE purchased in a Blockbuster store within the UK.

Filmed at Bay Sixty6 the UK’s largest skate park and sponsored by XBOX360 , it features all the tricks and tips needed by skateboard beginners. It also features a world exclusive interview with USA pro-skater Ronnie Creagor.

The DVD should also be featuring on XBOX Live downloads in the near future.

Paul Andrews, CEO of Alten8 commented “This is the first of many Alten8 video productions , and also shows the wider remit of Alten8 in terms of games development , publishing , and other media creation. We are very pleased and proud to be associated with such a great game as SKATE and to have our work partnered with such high calibre product.”. “It also demonstrates how Entain8 can allow both publishers and retailers to add extra value and market share by working with us”

About Alten8 Limited
Created and operational during 2005, Alten8 Limited is a new force in the development, publishing and distribution of games and other content, across a wide range of formats. Licensing both older titles under its Retro-Soft brand, and all new titles under the Alten8 label. Alten8 is becoming the first port of call for new talent looking for a more flexible way of working. With a wide range of content across PC, Phone, GBA, DS, PSP, PS2 and Wii, either already released, or in development for release during 2007 and beyond. Alten8 also provides business , sales , and media solutions for third party labels , as well as a new range of video content for release starting summer 2007. Visit for more information.

About Entain8 Limited
Retail sales are changing ... Current sales and distribution companies need to change also...Entain8 aim to be a pioneer in this area ... Welcome to the Future.
Whatever your business needs Entain8 aim to help you achieve your goals. Primarily aimed at the games, DVD and music market, Entain8 aim to be the full sales and distribution answer to your problems. The Company can also provide manufacture and production for your products in a cost effective timely manner. Coming from both a game and DVD background via mother company Alten8, Entain8 know the problems and issues faced by companies and individuals both small and large, also companies trying to gain a foothold in the UK market. Learning from experience and problems faced originally, Entain8 now aim to help others by providing the services Entain8 and Alten8 found so hard to find originally.
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