Revolved Wins Slamdance "Big C" Game Competition!
Sammamish, WA, Jan 31st, 2005 – Alter Ego Studios ( was announced winner of The Big C Independent Game Competition, which took place as a part of the Slamdance Festival, on January 28th. Defeating multi-million dollar titles, Alter Ego's very first game is already turning heads as they enter the finalist round at the Independent Games Festival hosted at the Game Developers Conference later this year.

Revolved was officially released earlier this month and has become an instant classic with action puzzle fans. The premise of the game is simple: You are an employee at Rotating Industries in beautiful Space City. Your job is to maintain equilibrium within the city power grid. You achieve this by rotating squares of fuses to form boxes of like colors. Along the way are a variety of power-ups and special items to unlock. Sounds easy right? Just remember, miss your deadline and you will be missing your job, so you had better concentrate and keep the energy flowing in Space City!

As you gain power new abilities are unlocked, such as the ability to chain fuse explosions. Along with those a variety of power-ups will appear in the board, such as chain reactions or eliminators. Each power-up does something specific to aid your task of balancing the power grid. Proper use of these abilities and power-ups make it possible to achieve incredible things at higher levels and make the harder deadlines.

Revolved is a game of clicking mayhem, where speed and thinking one step ahead will be your keys to success. With two different modes of play, Arcade and Survival, the game will provide endless fun and challenge to any level player. The tutorial will teach you the ropes of the game in less than 5 minutes, but just to be safe Alter Ego has included a practice mode as well, allowing you to hone your skills. In case you are hesitant, Alter Ego has provided a full 60 minute demo so that anyone can experience the joy of Revolved. Download it today from and see what it takes to get Revolved!

Alter Ego Games Studio LLC was founded in 2004 by six different team members, all of which attended Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA. While attending Digipen, these six students formed bonds which would mature into a business endeavor. Grit and determination created the company, as they all battled fulltime jobs and other everyday responsibilities. Now Alter Ego Games is positioned to be one of the fastest growing game development companies in the USA.
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