National Lampoon's University Tycoon Goes Gold!
National Lampoon's University Tycoon Goes Gold!

Anarchy Enterprises's newest game, "National Lampoon's University Tycoon" has gone gold! Never before has flunking college been so muchv fun. Create the wildest university campus ever - cause chaos, throw parties, enroll dirty girls to save hapless virgins, and drag the school's reputation through the mud!

Won't be any Nobel prize winners in this student body - so keeping them happy should be as simple as providing beer, sex and other party necessities for 4 years of drunken debauchery. Dozens of college characters are at your disposal and need your help to make their college experience one to remember... or a memory lost in a drunken stupor!


• Hilarious Student Body: Diverse characters enroll in your campus including Super Star Jocks, slutty Foreign Exchange Chicks, clueless Computer Geeks, hazing-abused Fratboys, raging Party Animals, ditsy Cheerleaders, rebellious Punks, chronic Stoners, hipster Skaters, bi-curious Goth Chicks and tons more. Each student is brought to life with unique personalities as they get freaky with their classmates, pound down brewskies and pass out drunk.
• Get Totally FUBAR: Each student will drink at parties and can get totally wasted. Drunken students will stagger around and pay more than they should for things you sell them. Get them too drunk and they'll pass out!
• Tons of Buildings to customize your campus. Decide what your students need to be happy or they'll drop out! Keep your students in a school daze with: Go-Go Bars, Beer Gardens, Raves - or waste the Law Students from the campus Sniper Window!
• Stunning 3D Graphics: Amazing detail brings your campus to life in full 3D, with exquisite detail right down to the zits on the Nerd's noses. A completely immersive experience with lush sound and animation, and a hilarious story will keep you hooked until you bust a gut laughing!

National Lampoon's University Tycoon is developed by Anarchy Enterprises and published by Activision Value, and will be available in stores in October 2004.
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