Animazoo Animates Firefly Studios' Dungeon Hero
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The launch of Dungeon Hero, the eagerly anticipated game from Firefly Studios, came a step closer this week following the completion of animation by Animazoo. Award winning motion capture company, Animazoo, using its latest system, the IGS-190, recorded an initial batch of 150 moves for Dungeon Hero at its Brighton-based studio facility.

Dungeon Hero, which will be available in PC and Xbox 360 formats, is an action title that reinvents the ‘Dungeon crawler’ genre. It uses motion capture to bring intense battle scenes alive with realistic natural movement and immersive scenery.

The multi-character mocap capability of the IGS-190 was used by Firefly Studios to generate maximum character interaction without the danger of occlusion or marker swapping. The animations recorded will enable the user to draw upon a range of sophisticated moves – such as attacking, striking or shielding which can be chosen according the scenario.

Darren White, Art Director, Firefly Studio explains: ”Working with Animazoo’s mocap system has enabled us to really bring the dungeon world alive in a realistic way. We’d heard about the IGS-190 and its advantages over optical systems and our experience backed this up. Hiring the system and studio gave us everything we needed in a cost-effective option that we could turn around quickly.”

“We were working to a tight deadline and needed to leave the shoot with clean data,” White continued. “We were able view the moves in real time on our game character which helped immensely with the process. It was so simple to use we didn’t need to think about the technology, we could just concentrate on directing the actors. We even had time at the end for some MotionBuilder training with the Animazoo team. We’re putting the data into our demo now and it looks great.”

The first viewing of Dungeon Hero will be in a demo shown at SXSW Interactive held in Texas in March. This will be the first playable code for Dungeon Hero ever seen. Viewers will be wowed by goblin doctors operating on the wounded, generals directing troops and monsters sitting in a complexity of trenches in the dungeon environment.

Ali Kord, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Animazoo said: “The Dungeon Hero game demonstrates the versatility of Animazoo’s motion capture system and its ability to add natural movement and impact to computer game imagery. You can direct your subject’s performance and view the results at the same time. What’s more, the data is smooth and accurate requiring little, if any, cleaning.”

The IGS-190 features nineteen tiny inertial sensors or gyros attached to a flexible lycra suit allowing superior precision and stability of motion data. The system performs with no lag in real time, producing incredibly accurate data - even when raw. There’s no solving which saves the user time and the data retains nuance even with fast moves. It’s simple to use, even a beginner can be up and mocaping in 30 mins.

About Animazoo
Animazoo has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of motion capture since the early 90's. Based in Brighton, the company is the manufacturer of the award winning Gypsy mocap range and the original groundbreaking gyroscopic IGS-190. It is the market leader in its field.
Portable, accurate and easy to operate, Animazoo products are used for live to air television broadcasts, live performance animation, even in assisting motorcycle designers and future astronauts.
Animazoo’s motion capture technology is used around the globe by a host of household names including; game developers such as Rockstar North – producers of Grand Theft Auto, and broadcasters including the BBC and RAI TV in Italy. Systems are also used at some of the world's most prestigious universities including Warwick, Glasgow Caledonian, Tokyo and MIT.
For further information about Animazoo visit: or call +44 (0) 1273 417440.

About Firefly Studios
Firefly Studios is a computer and video games development company, formed in 1999. The company has produced a number of high profile and commercially successful strategy games including the Stronghold series. It is currently working on a number of PC and next Gen console titles. Firefly Studios has offices in the United Kingdom and United States. For more information, please visit our website at
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