Challenging mocap scenes captured by Animazoo for multi-platform title Martial Arts: Capoeira by Twelve Interactive
Company: Animazoo
Award winning motion capture company, Animazoo and Twelve Interactive, a leading Italian console game developer, have just completed a mocap shoot for Twelve Interactive’s second multi-platform title, Martial Arts: Capoeira.

Three capoeira champions from Soluna, Rome’s foremost capoeira group, were used to record the gravity-defying action. Martial Arts: Capoeira will be released on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation®2, PSP™ and PC by Graffiti Entertainment in Q4 2008.

“This is the first time the inertial gyroscopic system has been used to capture data from capoeira,” said Ali Kord, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Animazoo. “It is notoriously difficult to capture capoeira due to the fast-paced twisting, turning and regular movement off the ground. Yet we managed to achieve this accurately, without occlusion.”

The two-day shoot took place recently in Rome. Over 200 shots were captured, which will generate over 1,500 in-game shots. The scenes included challenging jumps from standing - showing no effort from the legs – as well as leaps and high kicks. The three actors were of varying body sizes from light to heavy weight and included two men and one woman. The latest Animazoo IGS-190 H, a 32 sensor hybrid system, was used to capture the data.

"It has been very intensive but what this session will contribute to the game in terms of range of movement and realism is invaluable,” comments Giuseppe Crugliano, Managing Director of Twelve Interactive. "Martial Arts: Capoeira is a unique game drawing on a very original fighting form, with the help of Animazoo’s award winning technology and the expertise of Soluna it is totally living up to our expectations."

About Animazoo:
Animazoo has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of motion capture since the early 90's. Based in Brighton, the company is the manufacturer of the award winning Gypsy mocap range and the original groundbreaking gyroscopic IGS-190. It is the market leader in its field.
Portable, accurate and easy to operate, Animazoo products are used for live to air television broadcasts, live performance animation, even in assisting motorcycle designers and future astronauts.

Animazoo’s motion capture technology is used around the globe by a host of household names including; game developers such as Rockstar North – producers of Grand Theft Auto, and broadcasters including the BBC and RAI TV in Italy. Systems are also used at some of the world's most prestigious universities including Warwick, Glasgow Caledonian, Tokyo and MIT.

For further information about Animazoo visit: or call +44 (0) 1273 417440.

About Twelve Interactive:
Twelve Interactive is a leading Italian game development company founded in 2003 by Giuseppe Crugliano. In just a few years the company has become one of the most important console game developers in Italy, thanks to CID The Dummy (previously Crash Dummy), an action platformer for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP™., PlayStation®2 and PC, out in March 2008, published by Oxygen. The company is a Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation®2, PSP™ and PLAYSTATION®3 developer, and the staff is made up of 20 full-time employees, plus external contractors.

Twelve Interactive uses high profile technology for game development, such as VICIOUS ENGINE (