Ankama announces FLY'N, a platform-puzzle game
Company: Ankama Studio
Roubaix, France – 4th May 2012 – Ankama unveils its new game that takes place in an entirely new universe.

Ankama gave a small team free rein to develop FLY’N; a dreamy, atmospheric game full of quirky character. This single-player, platform-puzzle game is due to be available for PC, for keyboard and joypad.

In order to try and save the World-Trees threatened by Dyer (the mad hair-dryer), the player must switch between four tree-born guardians (otherwise known as Buds) and utilise each of their individual aptitudes to the absolute max.

FLY’N will be submitted to the IndieCade jury on 6th and 7th October 2012.

Story :

The end is nigh for the World-Trees of Helycia. Dyer, the cosmic bin man, has decided to rob all of the World-Trees’ sap, the Helys. Little by little, beneath the rubbish scattered by Megabin, Dyer’s cosmic dustbin, the World-Trees are passing away...

Eager to fight back, the World-Trees create Buds, small creatures reproduced from their roots. Flyn and the other Buds will need to combine their powers to find the Helys, re-establish the World-Trees’ harmonious balance and foil Dyer’s devilish plans once and for all.

To follow all the news on the game, go to the official devblog:

About Ankama Group
Ankama is an independent French group working within the entertainment industry, founding its development on a transmedia strategy by way of online games, publishing, animation, press, music, merchandise, toys, video games for next generation consoles and mobile phones. Ankama is developing its universe, the Krosmoz (which includes DOFUS and WAKFU) through these medias to create a complete, narrative, immersive experience. Ankama also supports artists creating their own universe through screenplay, television programmes, music albums, comic books and more.
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