Tortuga - Two Treasures
Company: Ascaron
Birmingham (UK), 20th December 2005: Ascaron Entertainment's upcoming pirate action-adventure, Tortuga ? Two Treasures, is set to deliver a saber-sharp pirate delight in 2006.

Tortuga ? Two Treasures leads players into the sun-drenched Caribbean of the early 18th century. Boasting opulent graphics and featuring a thrilling story, Tortuga ? Two Treasures offers action-packed entertainment with challenging exploration, stealth and combat at sea, on land and on deck.

Aspiring pirates will become immersed in the absorbing story of power, romance, treasure and truth, penned by Wolfgang Walk ('AquaNox', 'The Settlers' and more) with dialogs by Mark L. Barrett (the acclaimed 'Archimedean Dynasty', 'AquaNox', amongst others), and composed under the guidance of writing legend Bob Bates (with previous titles such as 'Unreal II: The Awakening', 'The Terminator: Dawn of Fate' and 'John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles').

"The story is an integral part of the game experience, and we are very excited to have the talents of Wolfgang Walk, Mark Barrett and Bob Bates onboard", stated Holger Fl?ann, Managing Director of Ascaron Entertainment GmbH. "The remarkable tale surrounding the hero Thomas "Hawk" Blythe and his adversary Blackbeard adds incredible depth and atmosphere to the game." Fans can look forward to a variety of stunning features that will be introduced to the genre for the first time in Tortuga ? Two Treasures.

Tortuga ? Two Treasures is due for PC release on 20th April 2006.

Ascaron Entertainment GmbH
Ascaron Entertainment GmbH is one of the pioneers in the development of computer games. It is also the leading developer of computer games in Germany and it has been prominent in the sales charts for more than a decade with titles such as Sacred, Port Royal, Anstoss, Vermeer and Patrician.

Ascaron is headquartered in G?oh and it maintains a development studio in Aachen (Germany) as well as an international department in Birmingham (UK). Additionally, a company for quality assurance and another studio have been founded in Potsdam. Currently, Ascaron markets its products in more than 30 countries. In 2005, the overall sales volume including proprietary brand franchises will exceed 1.5 million units.
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