Metaboli & Ascaron Partner on Darkstar One Digital Launch
Company: Ascaron
Metaboli, European Leaders in the digital distribution of video games over broadband, is delighted to announce an agreement with Ascaron to digitally distribute their highly rated and much anticipated space action title, Dark Star One.

Launched through Metaboli’s own Games on Demand site and through partner sites such as GamesRadar’s ‘GamesOnRadar’ and CVG’s ‘Down Your Pipe’ in the UK on June 15th, gamers will be given an opportunity to experience the thrilling action and fast paced environment in advance of the title hitting retail shelves later in the Summer.

Metaboli’s offer gives gamers access to an entire catalogue of PC games across all genres for a simple monthly subscription. New games are currently being added at the rate of four per month, with more than 100 games planned before the end of summer 2006.

Paul Howes, Business Manager for Metaboli, commented ‘Our objective is to introduce inventive titles to a wide demographic, build titles’ profiles online and allow gamers to access and play games they otherwise may not experience -many of whom will go on to purchase titles outright. We hope to build a strong demand for Dark Star One before it launches at retail in August’

With a thrilling story, fast-paced action and freedom of choice all based in a unique, living universe, Darkstar One gives players the customisation and choice experienced in RPGs with the arcade controls of the great space-sims. Either playing through story missions or following their job of choice, players will encounter six unique alien races in a universe with over 400 active systems on the brink of a universal war.

Roger Swindells, Ascaron MD comments……………..

“ We have had great results with Metaboli and their GOD service in France, and we felt this summer to be a good time to trial the full version of DarkStar One along with the demo to consumers ahead of the actual street date. On line sales and games “rental” now have to be a viable route to market given the precarious nature of the UK market for PC releases for smaller publishers. “

Metaboli Background

Formed in 2001 by a group of Telecom specialists with a passion for video games, Metaboli supplies Games on Demand turnkey solutions to broadband internet service providers and large internet gateways. Further to great success in France, the company is currently accelerating it’s European expansion aided by the explosive growth of broadband and the increasing public interest in digital distribution service.

General Information about ASCARON Entertainment GmbH

Ascaron Entertainment GmbH, headquartered in Gütersloh, was founded in 1991 by Holger Flöttmann and is the leading developer of computer games in Germany. Among others, the company owns the successful franchises Patrician, Port Royale, and SACRED.

In July 2002, Ascaron expanded by opening a wholly-owned subsidiary, Studio II Software GmbH in the University City, Aachen. In September 2002, the first international office, Ascaron Entertainment (UK) Ltd. with headquarters in Birmingham, was founded. Whilst being an active international publisher of third party titles, the company also continues to be active as a developer.

ASCARON games are marketed globally in more than 30 countries and in 16 languages. SACRED has sold more than 1.6 million copies worldwide, and with record sales of more than 200,000 copies in the USA is termed the most successful computer game from Germany in 2004. Among other awards, SACRED was voted "Best Role Playing Game of the Year" and was the most sold German title in this country in 2004.

With a decisive strategy for further expansion, ASCARON is now targeting all major platforms, with ambitious plans to acquire and market several new franchises on the international games market.
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