Company: Ascaron
Ascaron, 93Games and Cyanide are pleased to announce the release of 5 new screenshots for Pro Cycling Manager – Tour de France 2008, the newest version of the popular racing management series for PC and PSP due out in June.

Pro Cycling Manager – Tour de France 2008 is the most complete recreation of professional cycling yet. The game features the most advanced rider AI yet, highly detailed rider models, animations, environments, lighting and track racing events. Challenge your team’s racing skills on cycle speedway, Keirin and elimination as you tackle a new type of management challenge.

The new management aspects of the game include an entirely new stamina system and highly realistic progression curve for each rider, testing the depth of your training competence. A complete skills editor and a new young talent recruiting system allow would-be managers to modify their cyclists and create the perfect winning team.

The PSP version of Pro Cycling – Tour de France 2008, has been specially designed to make use of the unique features of the Sony PSP. Players can choose from one of the 18 official teams and all-star players to participate in an accurately recreated model of the Tour de France 2008. The new edition includes the option to challenge others in multiplayer mode via LAN or via the PSP WiFi features.

Fast facts:
Publisher: Ascaron Entertainment / 93GAMES
Developer: Cyanide
Release date: 27th June 2008
Price: TBC
PEGI: 3+
Format: PC / PSP
Genre: Management / Racing

About Ascaron Entertainment
From Day One in 1989 Ascaron Entertainment has become one of the leading European “boutique” developers and Publishers of games for the PC, with many successful titles including Patrician, Port Royale, DarkStar One and SACRED.

Ascaron maintains development studios in Berlin, Gutersloh and Aachen (Germany), as well as an international department in Birmingham (UK). Ascaron currently markets its products in more than 40 countries and over 15 languages.

Ascaron Entertainment (UK) is an independent office and is highly regarded on a domestic and global scale. With a professional reputation, full-service product management, and a wealth of experience in the games industry, the UK operation manages the international releases of Ascaron's entire catalogue, whilst also providing a bespoke publishing, sales, PR and marketing function to selected affiliate label partners. Ascaron Entertainment (UK) continues to be responsible for successfully launching titles into the UK market from developers and publishers worldwide. Titles include the popular UFO, Panzers, Cossacks and Blitzkrieg series of games, as well as critically acclaimed hits such as Call of Juarez, Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle and TrackMania United.

About 93GAMES
Founded in 1996, 93GAMES is a French publishing and distribution company based near Paris, France. Known for the diversity, quality and originality of its catalogue, 93GAMES now publishes and distributes many of its titles throughout Europe and also world-wide in both boxed retail and digital distribution formats. The last five years have been very successful for 93GAMES in France, with many of its PC licenses becoming top-sellers. 93GAMES has also published several original titles, including the adventure game Runaway, the renowned Cycling Manager and the much-loved TrackMania. The coming months will be exciting and full of surprises with the release of high-quality games such as Blood Bowl, TrackMania DS, Runaway: A Twist of Fate, Sherlock Holmes and sport games dedicated to major events such as the America’s Cup or the Tour de France.

About Cyanide
Cyanide is a French game development studio, based in the Paris region. It currently employs forty people. Best known for its sport management sims Cycling Manager and Pro Rugby Manager, Cyanide broke the mold in the heroic-fantasy universe with its 2004 release of Chaos League, Loki and currently works on the video game adaptation of Games Workshop's famous board game: Blood Bowl.