From Blitzkrieg to the Korsun Pocket: Destroy, Defeat and Conquer in New Historically accurate World War II PC Game
Company: Ascaron
Panzerkrieg is the new battle strategy PC title, inspired by the cult game Blitzkrieg. Due for release in June 2009 by Ascaron Entertainment, Panzerkrieg is a real time strategy that combines the historical accuracy of World War II with thoroughly engaging, yet to easy to master gameplay.

Based on three story driven single player campaigns, Panzerkrieg allows players to take command of German, Soviet and Allied armies. Players can experience the absorbing, tactical World War II battles that took place across Europe, immersing themselves in the historically accurate details of one of the most famous wars of the 20th century.

Blast through enemy lines
Panzerkrieg puts genuine World War II weapons into the hands of gamers allowing them to command over 350 tactical units that enhance gameplay. These include the British Matilda flamethrower tank, which bears a scorching flamethrower for burning through enemy lines; the German T34 Flakpanzer whose anti aircraft guns dominate the frontline sky; the triple turreted Russian MBV train, a giant moving fortification; and the Russian IL 2 Sturmovik and British Hurricane aircrafts with impressive air to ground rockets for destroying tank battalions from the safety of the skies.

Command as a great leader
Players can lead their chosen armies as one of many infamous World War II commanders. These include leaders such as Field Marshall von Manstein, the mastermind of the German Blitzkrieg tactics; and Marshal Zhukov, the Soviet military genius who led the Red Army from Stalingrad to the streets of the Nazi capital Berlin.

Fight across the continent
The campaigns in Panzerkrieg take place in over 33 genuine World War II locations, such as Northern France, Poland, Crimea, Singapore and USSR. Players can re-enact military encounters that were significantly affected by the surrounding geography, such as the decisive battle of the Korsun pocket where German forces were trapped by Soviets into a pocket of land by the Dnieper River.

Panzerkrieg’s multiplayer combat option enables war gaming enthusiasts to test their skills against up to 16 others via LAN and online, battling head to head to destroy all enemy opponents and conquer the world.

Fast facts:
Publisher: Ascaron Entertainment
Developer: United Publishing
Release date: 12th June 2009
PEGI: 12+
Format: PC
Genre: Battle Strategy