Experience the Bloody Battles of the Blitzkrieg in Panzerkrieg: Burning Horizon 2
Company: Ascaron
Panzerkrieg is the new battle strategy PC title inspired by the cult game Blitzkrieg. Due for release by Ascaron Entertainment, Panzerkrieg is a real time strategy that combines the historical accuracy of World War II with thoroughly engaging, yet easy to master gameplay.

Based on three story-driven single player campaigns, Panzerkrieg provides gamers with over 50 hours of tactical combat and engaging strategy. Players can choose between the Allied, German or Soviet campaigns, reliving key battles from history such as the Battle of the Bulge, Operation Sturgeon Catch and Battle of the Frontiers.

German campaign: Lost Victories
Operation Barbarossa is one of the authentic battles that players can relive in Panzerkrieg. The mission begins with German troops located in the East and West, with the surrounding terrain at the enemy’s advantage. Players must deploy their troops to storm the USSR border where the enemy lie in wait. Just like the real invasion, many of the attacks will be from fighter planes in the sky. However, players can also make use of the souvenir H39 French light tank with lethal flamethrowers, for obliterating infantry and light armoured vehicles at short range.

Soviet campaign: Red Horizon
The Soviet missions begin in Orshca, 1941, when Europe was dominated by the German Reich. Players must eliminate the enemy Flak gun and take control of the Katyusha rocket launcher, a formidable weapon with immense fire power. Commanding as Marshall Voroshilov, this tactical mission provides a small number of units that must be carefully deployed. The sniper unit is particularly powerful, as camouflage mode can be used to scout out the enemy, making covert stealth attacks.

Allied campaign: Blitzkrieg Rolling Thunder
After tackling the German and Soviet campaigns, players can truly test their skills as a great war leader in the challenging Allied missions. These include the retreat to Burma from Singapore in 1941, where players can command as General Patton. Quick and strategic thinking is required, as enemy attacks are constant, rapidly diminishing the number of Allied troops. Using the right units is also important, as correctly positioned Bofors anti aircraft guns and British Cromwell and Churchill tanks will help protect troops from airborne and tank attacks. Players can also deploy snipers or officers to see further afield than other units, gaining important information on enemy positions.

Fast facts:
Publisher: Ascaron Entertainment
Web: www.Ascaron.com
Developer: United Publishing
PEGI: 12+
Format: PC
Genre: Battle Strategy
Price: £19.99