Pro Cycling Manager 2009 Races into Stores Today
Company: Ascaron
Pro Cycling Manager 2009, the must have simulation game for cycling enthusiasts and sports management fans from Ascaron Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive is available to buy today. Based on the world famous Tour de France race, the latest edition includes the Spanish Tour (La Vuelta) for the first time. Players can enjoy an exhilarating and competitive sports management experience whilst guiding their team to victory in four authentic events.

Fans of the series can watch the new trailer online at to view the game’s beautiful environments, realistic animations and experience the buzz of the most renowned cycling event in the world.

There are various competitive events in the velodromes that enable managers to put their team’s endurance, speed and skill to the test:

Scratch race – all contestants start the race on equal terms. Riders must overtake and lap their competitors, holding this lead until the finish to gain an advantage over those who have completed fewer laps.

Flying 200 metre time trial – time is critical in this speedy event as riders must race along the set distance to achieve the quickest time possible, ensuring a win for their team.

Points race – this official Olympic discipline involves many cyclists racing simultaneously on the same track for up to 160 laps. A sprint is held every ten laps, with points awarded to the top four finishers; the winner is the rider with the most points at the end. This event is very tactical, so players must decide the best racing style in order to secure a win for their team. Some racers prefer to sit back and conserve energy, only attacking for the sprints to accumulate points. Others may attempt to take control of a lap early in the race and defend their leading position.

Omnium – a multiple race event where all contestants compete against each other in a flying time trial, scratch race, individual pursuit, points race and shorter time trial. It is widely considered to be the event that determines the best all-round track cyclists due to the combination of sprint and endurance required. Team manager’s skills will be put to the test as they decide which riders are best at each specific discipline to ensure success.

Pro Cycling Manager 2009 is available today from all good retailers.

Fast facts:

Publisher: Ascaron Entertainment / Focus Home Interactive

Web: /

Developer: Cyanide

Release date: 10th July2009

PEGI: 3+

Format: PC and PSP

Genre: Sports Simulation

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