Calla Lily’s ‘Pasan’ is the Official Soundtrack of Lineage II
Company: AsianMedia
CALLA LILY’s hit single “Pasan” from their gold album “Destination XYZ” has been designated the official soundtrack of the online game, Lineage II™.

In fact, animated sequences from the Triple-A MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) can be seen in the music video for “Pasan”.

Lineage II™, created by Korean gaming giant NCsoft is distributed in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia by Asian Media Development Group (AsianMedia®).

AsianMedia Chief Operating Officer, Ronald Allan Aquino revealed that DVD game installers of Lineage II will include the “Pasan” music video.

Likewise, specially marked copies of “Destination XYZ”, released by Sony BMG Entertainment Philippines and available in record stores nationwide will also carry the Lineage II game installer.

“More than providing theme music you can listen to while playing Lineage II, Calla Lily and ‘Pasan’ capture a key strategy for playing the game, which is working as a team to get to where you want to go and not leaving anyone behind,” said Aquino.

Lineage II features intriguing and highly sophisticated political, economic, and social systems that add another dimension to the game’s power struggles which are not found in other MMORPGs.

Overwhelming support for “Pasan” video
Since it first aired on MYX on June 1, the “Pasan” music video has enjoyed tremendous support from Calla Lily’s legion of fans, better known as “Callalistas”. Within days of its premier, the video quickly shot to the #1 spot on MYX and spawned numerous postings on YouTube.

Some video posts of “Pasan” on YouTube, captured from television sets by fans, have already gotten over 20,000 hits within a week of the video’s premiere.

Darwin Hernandez, from Calla Lily’s management, Soupstar Entertainment said, “The response for ‘Pasan’ has been awesome and I’m sure the guys really appreciate it.”

MYX viewers can continue to show their support for Calla Lily and “Pasan” by sending “MYXVOTEPASAN” to 2366 through SMS.

Making the Video
Calla Lily, with Kean Cipriano on vocals, Alden Acosta on lead guitar, “Tatsi” Jamnague on rhythm guitar, Lemuel Belaro on drums, and Aaron Ricafrente on bass guitar, endured a gruelling 2-day shooting schedule for “Pasan”.

In the video, directed by Pancho Esguerra and produced by Chris Cahilig Consultancy with Straightshooters Media Inc., the band must make their way to a “Battle of the Bands” type competition. On their way to the gig, they encounter a number of obstacles ranging from a vicious guard dog to rival bands who try to keep them from performing onstage.

Through dedication, perseverance and teamwork, the guys break past the barriers and make it to the competition venue just in time to rock the house with a high-flying performance of “Pasan”.

The music video features spectacular computer generated images (CGI) which were seamlessly integrated into the live action sequences to mirror the band’s struggle to reach their destination.

Calla Lily performed all of their own stunts, soaring through several scenes harnessed to wire rigs for their amazing leaps and aerial maneuvers.

Lead singer Kean Cipriano said, “we all had a lot of fun working on this video and we’re really glad to be a part of Lineage II”.

“Pasan” which means “to shoulder or carry on one’s back” is loosely based on the poem “Footprints in the sand”, according to drummer Lemuel Belaro who wrote the song’s lyrics.

The fast-paced, action-packed video was shot in Quezon City at the St. James School, which was transformed overnight to create the various scenes in the video. The music video also features the participation of “Callalistas” who gamely stayed until the early hours of the morning to take part in the concert sequences.

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