Aspyr Uncovers the Hidden Wonders of Treasure World™
Company: Aspyr
AUSTIN, TEXAS – February 12, 2009 – Aspyr Media invites gamers to discover amazing wonders that are hidden all around them with its new title Treasure World™ for Nintendo DS™. More than a game, Treasure World is a first-of-its-kind explore-and-find experience that acts as a treasure detector, collector, creative canvas and community gateway.

“With Treasure World we are creating a new way for you to interact not only with the world around you, but with friends and family and even other players around the globe,” said Ted Staloch, Executive VP, Aspyr Media. “We believe that Nintendo DS owners, particularly our core demographic of young gamers, will really latch on to the thrill of discovering hidden treasures wherever they go, playing with their own unique in-game world and sharing the experience with those close to them or through our robust online community.”

Treasure World’s core gameplay mechanic is driven by the Nintendo DS WiFi feature. While in “hunt mode,” any wireless hotspot that is detected will automatically unlock a unique dynamic in-game object that the player collects and incorporates into his or her game world. Gamers will use their treasures to customize, play, achieve numerous in-game goals or trade with other players. Treasure World will feature thousands and thousands of unlockable objects that represent hundreds of different themes and styles and offer gamers nearly limitless world and character customization options.

Aspyr is extending the Treasure World experience beyond Nintendo DS through the development of an online community. The new online club will allow users to create and manage a profile, show off their collection and in-game customizations and connect with players from around the globe to share information and set up trades. Both the game and the Web-based community site are scheduled to launch Summer 2009.

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