Defense Grid: The Awakening Retail Sku Details Released
Company: Aspyr
Who: Aspyr and Hidden Path Entertainment release details on the upcoming retail release of Defense Grid: The Awakening.

What: Gamers who purchase Defense Grid: The Awakening in stores will received two products in one package:
A DRM-free version of the full game on the included disc that allows for local profiles to be created for saves, achievement tracking and score ranking.
For players who want to take their Defense Grid: The Awakening experience online for Internet leaderboards, online rankings and achievements, a code will be included in the box that will allow them to download the full game from the Steam digital distribution platform for no additional cost.

Where: Available at North American retail outlets.

When: On store shelves July 28, 2009.

About Defense Grid: The Awakening
Released through digital distribution in December 2008 to tremendous praise, Defense Grid: The Awakening takes the best features of the addictive tower defense genre and fuses them with the Gamebryo engine to deliver beautiful 3D environments, spectacular effects, a dynamic soundtrack and deep strategy gameplay. The game finds humanity struggling against an invasion by a relentless alien force. The player is tasked with defending key outposts with the aid of ancient, but powerful, defense towers and an artificial intelligence construct. Intuitive controls and a range of objectives make it fun for players of any skill to progress through the 20 story levels, and the dozens of additional challenge modes. Ten different tower types, each with unique strengths, allow for multiple strategies as players scheme to take down wave after wave of invading creatures, each more powerful than the previous.

About Hidden Path Entertainment
Hidden Path Entertainment, Inc. is an independent video game development company established to develop and produce interactive entertainment software for current and future generations of video game consoles, as well as other computing platforms. Hidden Path's team is made up of industry veterans who have each contributed to highly successful titles in multiple genres and on multiple platforms. Hidden Path Entertainment can be found online at

About Aspyr Media
Aspyr Media, Inc. is a leading videogame publisher that creates, packages and delivers fun to millions around the world. Hailing from Austin, Texas USA, Aspyr strives relentlessly to ensure a quality experience for consumers and industry partners. To fall more deeply in love with Aspyr and its amazing line of products, visit and see just how much fun you can legally have.
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