Atari Announces Early Access to the Fast-Paced Combat and Crafting of Minimum
Company: Atari
May 13, 2014 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--It’s time for PC gamers to sharpen their tools and ready their trigger fingers as Atari, one of the world's most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment, today opens the gates to early access via Steam for the third-person, multiplayer online combat and crafting game, Minimum. To enter early access and be the first to experience the mayhem of Minimum’s chaotic world, players can purchase the game for $19.99 on Steam or visit

Set in a minimalistic stylized universe, Minimum features fast-paced, session-based combat that pits teams of five against each other with powerful, craftable weapons. Each team has its own massive robotic Titan that they must power up and support so that it can help them fight and destroy the enemy’s base. At the core of Minimum is a blueprint crafting system where players collect resources to create customized, upgradable weapons and armor that power-up during kill streaks, enabling skilled warriors and Titans to become deadlier as matches progress.

"As a company that’s been known for being a gaming pioneer, Atari’s gone through multiple transformations to bring appealing and unique experiences to the ever-changing gaming audience,” said Fred Chesnais, Chief Executive Officer, Atari, Inc. "Minimum ushers in the next era of Atari gaming, with its distinctive mix of combat and crafting. We’re excited with the way the game turned out and are thrilled to finally bring Minimum’s exhilarating gameplay to PC.”

Developed by Human Head Studios, Minimum features full Steam integration, which means players sign in with their standard Steam login and will have access to their Steam Wallet and Inventory, allowing them to trade crafting items, blueprints and other acquired items with their fellow Steam members. Additionally, the game provides automatic matchmaking so players never have to hunt for servers.

Fans can visit to watch the trailer, register for game updates and receive free bonus in-game items. For more information about Minimum, follow us on Twitter @PlayMinimumGame, ‘Like’ us on Facebook and visit our Official Wiki page.

About Atari

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About Human Head Studios Incorporated

Human Head Studios Incorporated is a privately owned, independent game development studio based in Madison, Wisc. Founded in 1997, Human Head Studios began with the development of the highly innovative and award winning Rune. Dedicated to innovative play and top quality visuals, Human Head Studios has developed games for consoles and the PC.
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