Kao Challengers announced for Psp by atari
Company: Atari
Atari today announced the forthcoming release of Kao Challengers for Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation Portable console. Developed by Tate Interactive, the game is a witty and fast moving combination of action and platforming starring Kao the yellow kangaroo in his latest video game incarnation. Kao Challengers is scheduled for release across Europe in October 2005.

Technically advanced and visually brilliant, Kao Challengers boasts a single player game alongside a diverse multiplayer experience which makes full use of PSP technology. Quick to pick up and play, but with a depth of gameplay that keeps players absorbed, Kao Challengers presents a rich and colourful gaming universe with 25 vividly rendered levels set across six diverse worlds ranging from Kao's natural habitat of Australia to the rather less sun-baked Arctic.

Kao faces a succession of furious enemies on his journey to save the animal world from the clutches of the malevolent hunter Barnaba and his band of cruel henchmen, each with their own fiendish ways to hamper Kao's progress. Luckily, he doesn't face them alone. However, with the support of only a firefly and a parrot he'll need more than just a spring in his step to come out on top. Luckily Kao is equipped with a thoroughly devastating range of attacks including brutal tail attacks and that antipodean favourite, the boomerang throw. With off-beat transport including a snowboard, a catapult, a pelican, a water barrel and a motorboat, Kao has a plateful of travel options to choose from on top of his mean kanger-moves.

"There's plenty of demand for accessible, fun, pick-up-and-play gaming and Kao Challengers is the finest example of that so far coming to Sony's next generation handheld in terms of sheer quality and scale of the graphics and gameplay," said Cyril Voiron, Marketing Director, Atari Europe. "The multiplayer game makes spectacular use of the PSP's Wi-fi technology providing a very different game to the single player story mode, a brilliant, punch-drunk rollercoaster of a game in its own right."

The multiplayer game in Kao Challengers offers a wealth of gameplay experience above and beyond the single player game, making full use of PSP's Wi-fi capabilities for up to 4 players. Challenges include multiplayer racing modes and platform-death-match, undertaken with a blistering arsenal of bombs, fire flamer, magneto, missiles and more at players' fingertips.
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