Fun Pause Releases a New Game, Fairies
Company: Atlantis
October 28, 2005, Montpellier, France - Montpellier-based independent game company, and creators of the popular game, "Atlantis," has announced the release of a new game called, "Fairies," developed for both Mac and PC.

Set in a mythical backdrop of forests and elfin lore, and created with hand-drawn illustrations and incorporating stunning 3D graphics, the new
game, "Fairies" offers casual gamers hours of entertaining game play.

By sliding rows of fairies that have been captured in jars, and matching sets of 3 or more like-colored fairy jars together, the player gains wizardly power to free even more of these jailed fairies and can continue a journey through more than 200 levels of game play within 5 whimsical worlds
and 4 different modes from which to choose.

The game modes include: "Adventure," which takes the player on a journey through 100 levels and 5 worlds, working against the clock while freeing a
certain amount of fairies within the set time allowed; With "Classic" mode, players make the matches of fairies and play through a fast-paced 100
levels; When playing in "Relaxed" mode, players do not have any time constraints, but rather, have an unlimited amount of time and the level continues leisurely until the player wishes to end game play; "Playback" mode is a test for players' memory by showing patterns and playing sounds
that are to be repeated correctly.

Additionally, there are stunning images of fairies imbedded in each world of "Adventure" mode. After solving a level, the player removes a partial
fragment of a covered image. Once all fragments are removed, the entire image is revealed. There are a total of 10 images, and when the player
reveals these images, he can then view them in a "photo album of fairies"
included in the game.

The finishing touch to Fairies is an appropriately matching original soundtrack with bold beats and music, that perfectly complement not only
the otherworldly magical theme of fairies, but also, admirably accompanies and enriches the game.

A free demo version of the game, Fairies, is available to download at the Funpause website. Fairies is available to purchase online for $19.95.

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