Zeno Clash 2, the Sequel to the Successful Ace Team Title, Has Been Released to PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade
After a development of over a year and a half, today the chilean company ACE Team releases ?Zeno Clash 2? their most ambitious project onto PlayStation Network (PSN) and Xbox LIVE Arcade (XBLA) as digital downloadable titles for $14.99 US Dollars and 1,200 Microsoft Points respectively.

The fourth game developed by the company, this is perhaps the largest undertaking in Latin America because of its scope, based on the world-exploration formula and mixing stonepunk fiction with some RPG elements to give life to the strangely wonderful world of Zenozoik.

Players can play as Ghat or Rimat in online coop exploring more than 20 areas in which they will encounter more than 100 different creatures and will fight intense hand-to-hand combat.

The independent studio ACE Team has been recognized world-wide by the specialized media as one of the most original in the industry through numerous awards* for their past creations: Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages

* Founded in April 2008 and with close to five years in the industry, ACE Team is an independent game developer located in Santiago, Chile that through its titles, Zeno Clash, Rock of Ages, and Kokori has stablished a strong presence in the global marketplace for platforms such as Steam (PC), Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

ACE Team and its games are recognized all over the world, here's a highlight of some of the awards they have received:

? Zeno Clash - #65 in Top 100 PC Games of All Time - PC Gamer Magazine UK February 2011
? Rock of Ages - Inside Gaming Awards Most Original Game 2011 - Machinima.com
? ACE Team - Best Debut Studio Finalist - 10th Annual Game Developer Choice Awards
? Zeno Clash - Excellence in Visual Arts Finalist - 2009 Independent Games Festival
? Zeno Clash - Indie Game of the Year 2009 - PC Gamer
? Rock of Ages - Best Downloadable Game of E3 2011 - GamingExcellence.com
? ACE Team - Honorable Mention as one of the Best Developers in 2009 - Gamasutra December 2009
? ACE Team - Glitch Awards 2011 Best Development Studio in Chile - Glitch.cl
? Zeno Clash - PC Game of the Month - IGN April 2009
? Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition Honorable Mention as one of the Best Console Downloadable Games of 2010 - Gamasutra December 2010
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