Turok Gameplay Revealed - Survive at all Costs!
Turok, a Sci-Fi First Person Shooter (FPS) game for PC, is being released by Avanquest Software Publishing in June 2008. The player takes on the role of Joseph Turok, a former black ops commando, now part of an elite Special Forces squad known as Whiskey Company.

Having been stranded on a hostile and sinister planet whilst searching for a renegade army, Turok must find fellow human survivors using his elite military training, in order to survive the threatening environment that surrounds him. Guide Turok through his gruelling mission, encountering brutal dinosaurs, giant insects and heavily armed enemy soldiers along the way.

Consider your combat options carefully. Either choose to obliterate enemies with massive firepower or utilise ‘quiet kill’ techniques with specific weapons like the bow or knife to remain undetected. Realistic A.I. means enemy soldiers respond dynamically to Turok’s movements and dinosaurs react in a volatile predatory manner.

If caught by a dinosaur, grapple and maul with the creature to pull yourself free from their jaws and avoid being eaten. Be aware that not all dinosaurs are deadly - some unpredictable ones can be turned into allies and used to your advantage, as you lure them into attacking other enemy creatures and humans.

Turok’s mission is to take down escaped war criminal Roland Kane, once his mentor, who now roams the inhospitable planet with his army. The deep plot of the game is conveyed through cut scenes and flashbacks, giving the dark, gritty sci-fi world a cinematic feel. Combined with realistic graphics and intense dynamic surround sound, the uninhabitable planet quickly comes to life.

The multiplayer option allows you to engage in online multiplayer matches with up to 16 players. Multiplayer modes feature Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Assault Capture The Flag, War Games, and Co-Op.

Fast facts:
Publisher: Avanquest Software Publishing
Developer: Touchstone
Distributor: Open
Release date: 13th June 2008
BBFC: 15
Format: PC
Genre: Sci-Fi FPS
SRP: £19.99

Avanquest Software
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