Avalanche Team Releases Scorch an Island 1.1
Company: Avaria Corp.
Scorch An Island 1.1 is a new 3D shooter where precision is much more important than dexterity or swiftness. Each player gets a tank that can shoot but cannot move. The objective of the game is to kill all opponents by correctly calculating shooting angle and setting proper fire power, while taking in account other factors, like wind. The game is based on a popular DOS game Scorched Earth but features several important distinctions.

The action takes place on different small islands, which adds a new twist to the game and makes it quite a bit more difficult to survive. In addition to that, a player has to stock up on ammunitions before each battle begins. Running out of ammo before all opponents are destroyed will result in a loss.

Each player has a wide variety of weaponry to choose from, starting from a machine gun and finishing with a nuclear bomb. A long, drawn-out shootout may result in demolition of the entire island.

The best strategy of winning the game is to pick the longest trajectory and get a direct hit in order to maximize the damage and the amounts of points awarded, which can later be spent on buying new ammunition.

The game can be played solo or against other human opponents (up to 8) on the same PC, over local area network or Internet. When playing against computer opponents, the number of enemies and difficulty level for each can be adjusted.

Scorch An Island 1.1 is distributed electronically over the Internet; free fully featured demo version is available at http://www.saigame.com for evaluation.

The price of a single copy is 19.95 US Dollars.
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