Darkfall Unholy Wars March update
Company: Aventurine SA
Athens, Greece March 21, 2014 Aventurine S.A., developer of the PvP MMORPG Darkfall Unholy Wars, announces a March patch update which contains exciting visual and gameplay changes. Current subscribers can also save 45% on the 6 month subscription offer.

March update
With Darkfall Unholy Wars' latest patch, the world of Agon now features realistic immersive weather effects. Snowfall and rain now affect the landscape, buildings, monsters and characters. This video demonstrates how.

Furthermore, with the addition of the Clan Market system, players can exchange goods within their own clan, or turn their city into a trading hub. The March update also features player masks, a fun feature for players to enjoy.

You can get the full patch-notes here.

6-month Subscription Promotion
Darkfall subscribers can take advantage of our 6 month promotion pricing, which allows them to extend their gameplay time by 6 months for 49.95, saving 45% off the regular subscription price.

Darkfall Unholy Wars has enjoyed 7 patches over the last 3 months. Most notable additions are the new chat system, the introduction of Duel s and "Sinspire Cathedral", a new epic dungeon. Detailed patch notes and update information is always posted in our News forum section.

Even more content, epic battles and community events are coming in our April updates.

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About Darkfall Unholy Wars
Darkfall Unholy Wars is a sandbox PvP MMORPG focused on massive clan battles, city building and conquest. Darkfall Unholy Wars combines RPG, Action and Strategy at a massive scale and features a true real-time combat system.

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