Fizzwizzle Is in Trouble!
July 8th, 2005 – Think you're smart? Grubby Games ( is ready to put your brain to the test! Your job: Save Professor Fizzwizzle from his robotic nightmare! His latest invention has gone haywire and it is up to you to guide him back to his lab to shut them down. Professor Fizzwizzle features brain-twisting puzzles for all ages, and when you are a ninety-pound weakling even the simplest of tasks can become a challenge.

In Professor Fizzwizzle you must use cunning to solve puzzles and reach the exit teleportation pad. Blocking your path will be many obstacles, which you'll have to use a variety of items to overcome. For example rolling a barrel, pushing a crate, using magnets, pressing buttons, and opening gates are some of the many activities you'll be performing. It will take all the problem solving skills you can muster to predict and plan your moves. However, should you not be able to overcome a level you can refer to a built-in problem solver that will show you the solution that you seek. In Professor Fizzwizzle you will always be challenged and never be stuck.

With over 200 levels spanning 3 difficulties, kids, normal, and advanced, Professor Fizzwizzle can keep an entire family occupied for hours of skill building problem solving. Additionally a special "Kids Alphabet" mode teaches letters and words through pictures in the game, making it possible to entertain even the youngest of gamers. On difficult mode rest assured that the greatest scientific minds of our time will find Professor Fizzwizzle mentally stimulating.

Professor Fizzwizzle comes with a free demo that can be downloaded from The demo includes a variety of levels from each difficulty that will teach you the ins, outs, backwards, and forwards of rescuing Fizzwizzle from his own invention.

About Grubby Games
Vancouver-based Grubby Games was formed in October 2004 with a simple goal: To make accessible, polished games that are fun to play.
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