Invadazoid Is Coming to Earth!
July 5th, 2005 – Bantam City Games ( would like to inform the world that alien invaders are coming to Earth! Now available from the Bantam City Games website, Invadazoid is available to fulfill your retro game craving. When aliens invaded Earth we unleashed our most powerful weapon: Project Invadazoid!

Invadazoid is Arkanoid meets Space Invaders, where a ball and paddle are all that stands between the alien invasion and Earth. Save 8 cities across the globe as you battle weird, yet cute, alien attackers. Dodge their missiles and nukes and stop them before they reach the ground. Your paddle and ball have been upgraded with a few new tricks to help keep these alien scum off our planet. Use plasma cannons, missile deflectors, magnets, explosives, and more as you smash your way through over 70 levels and 8 bosses.

Also available within Invadazoid are three extra gameplay modes! Challenge yourself with the action-packed Survival Mode, where the enemies don't stop until both you and the Earth are dead! Take on mean enemy bosses in "Boss" mode or kick back and play the "Classic" mode and go all the way back to the days of Space Invader style fun.

It may have been over 20 years but the world needs you once again! Invadazoid comes with a free demo to test your world-saving skills, and with over 70 levels and 4 unique modes to choose from you have a whole lot of world-rescuing ahead of you! Visit for more information.

About Bantam City
Bantam City Games was founded in 2003 with the intent of providing family style fun for all ages. In a market that focuses all too much on overly violent titles, Bantam City's debut title, Trials of Werlin proved that success can be achieved with a "G" rating. Bantam City would like to thank everyone for supporting family-friendly titles like Invadazoid and Trials of Werlin.
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