Bandai's Tamagotchi Comes Alive on Brew® Wireless Phones
Cypress, CA - June 1, 2005 - Bandai America Inc., a subsidiary of the third largest toy company in the world, known for such brands as Power Rangers, Teen Titans and Strawberry Shortcake, has announced the development of one of its most successful toys, Tamagotchi, for mobile phones. Based on QUALCOMM's BREW solution, this mobile version of Tamagotchi is scheduled for release in early summer 2005.

The mobile version of Tamagotchi is based on the original virtual pet toy, Tamagotchi, released in 1996 which sold over 40 million units worldwide. The
mobile version of Tamagotchi will include an array of upgrades to attract both longtime fans of traditional Tamagotchi and newcomers with features that make raising a virtual pet on the cell phone fun. With new features such as Tama Vivid, pets can now be viewed in both original monochrome or as full color illustrations.

Exclusive special features have been added to the mobile version, including two new mini games to keep both parents and children entertained, a journal mode to record parenting endeavors and a facts feature to offer insight into your pet's personality. For those who are hesitant to take the step toward parenthood, the mobile version of Tamagotchi is now resilient enough to withstand prolonged neglect.

"Tamagotchi Connection, the 2004 version of the original toy, is one of the hottest toys in the United States and Canada so we're excited to be able to
bring the concept of the original toy to fans old and new alike," says Masao Ohata, vice president, Bandai Network Entertainment. "QUALCOMM's BREW solution is especially conducive to creating fun and entertaining applications such as the mobile version of Tamagotchi quickly and efficiently."

"QUALCOMM is pleased to be working with Bandai, one of the most well known and well respected toy companies in the world, helping to bring its innovative applications and popular brands to the mobile phone consumer," said Mike Yuen, director, Gaming Group for QUALCOMM Internet Services. "The mobile version of Tamagotchi is a prime example of the power and flexibility of the BREW solution, which enabled the creative team at Bandai to take a classic favorite and produce an exciting new product for the mobile phone."

QUALCOMM's BREW solution is designed to meet the distinct and varied needs of wireless operators, handset manufacturers, publishers, developers and end users around the world. BREW products and services include: an open, extensible client platform that supports robust system and application software including personalized and branded user interfaces for mass market devices; a J2EEâ„¢-based, modular delivery system that enables the distribution of content, applications and user interfaces to wireless devices across all air interfaces; a dedicated professional services team that supports the integration of customized implementations; and the wireless industry's first global marketplace to support the monetization of applications and services developed in all programming languages. The BREW solution can make the wireless visions of innovative companies a reality.

About Bandai America
Bandai America Incorporated is a subsidiary of Bandai Co. Ltd., the third largest toy company in the world, with 28 subsidiaries in 13 countries worldwide. Global interests include toys and children's entertainment, video game software, multimedia, music, full-length feature films, vending machines, trading cards, candies and licensed apparel.

Bandai America Incorporated is the master toy licensee of some of the most popular properties and brands in children's toys and entertainment, including the Power Rangers, D.I.C.E., Teen Titans, Strawberry Shortcake and Tamagotchi product lines. Bandai America is headquartered in Cypress, California and company information is available at
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