From Sicily to the Alps - Combat Mission: Fortress Italy released proudly present “Combat Mission: Fortress Italy”! Available immediately for PC and Mac OS X operating systems for only $55 as digital delivery, mail delivery, or both - exclusively and directly from! The mail delivery version includes a 100 page printed and ring-bound Game Reference Manual, the DVD, as well as a metal Tin Case (as long as supplies last) that holds up to 4 discs (for future modules ;-))

This latest installment in the critically acclaimed Combat Mission series of tactical ground warfare simulations takes the players to Sicily in the year 1943, and the first Allied invasion of mainland Europe during World War Two. The “soft underbelly” of Europe turned out to be anything but, and the US forces in Combat Mission: Fortress Italy (including elite Rangers formations) encounter equally veteran German Wehrmacht (such as the Herman Goering Division) and Luftwaffe Feld Division, Italian Bersaglieri troops, new tanks and weapons, and unique steep, rocky and arid terrain.

In addition to all the new toys, 5 (!!) campaigns (including 2 special Tutorial campaigns, one for beginners, a second for advanced players), more than a dozen standalone missions, and 250 (!!) QuickBattle maps, CM: Fortress Italy also includes the long awaited v2.0 game engine! Here is just a very short list of some of the highlights of the improved game engine:

Moveable Waypoints
Target Armor Arc Command
Expanded Floating Icon Categories
"Fog of War" Floating Icons
2D Editor Map Overlay (so you can create your maps right out of
real-life satellite photos and maps)
Auto-Assemble Road/Wall/Hedge Tool (“paint” a road or wall now!)
Camera Jump to Groups
Target Briefly Command
New Rendering Shaders (check out the new screenshots!)
Bump and Normal Mapping
Improved Framerates
Pausable Realtime TCP/IP Mode
...and more!

A 2.0 Upgrade will also be available separately for the first game in the series, Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, within a couple of months. A free demo of CM: Fortress Italy will be released within a couple of weeks.

Yes, CM: Fortress Italy is bursting with stuff, so much that we had to put it into a metal case Buy your copy right now, and you can be downloading and playing in minutes.

Can you breach Fortress Italy?

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