Assault on Communism! released today
Wednesday, 01 May 2013 and Fury Software proudly announce the release of Assault on Communism a new expansion pack for the critically acclaimed Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict game of grand strategy and global domination! Assault on Communism is available immediately for download, mail delivery or both download&mail, for only $25 (plus shipping&handling, if applicable).

Soon to be followed by a second expansion, Assault on Democracy, Assault on Communism boast a host of new features and major new campaigns, including not only all the engine advancements of the previous GOLD Expansion, but a number of brand new ones, such as:

10 new Unit types
New Deployment Phase including Auto-Deploy Improved Artificial Intelligence opponent New Supply Rules And much more...

A range of new major campaigns, both historical and "alternate history" variations, are available, focusing on different elements of the 1939-1945 timeframe for each pack. Here are just a few highlights of the Campaigns included:

**Assault on Communism Campaigns**

1941 Barbarossa: In the summer of 1941 the forces of the Axis powers invaded the Soviet Union across an 1,800 mile front with over 3.5 million men. This was to be the largest, most ruthless, and bloodiest war in history. This main campaign of the expansion focuses on a Corp/Division level of play with a scale of 10 miles per tile. Fight from Warsaw to deep toward the Urals on the largest front in history.
The Germans have the tactical experience; the Soviets have territory to yield and a seemingly infinite amount of men to throw at the invaders. Planning, preparation, position, and proper aggression are the keys to victory.

1942 Case Blue – Frontline: You are the frontline general. You decide where to attack in 1942. Do you deploy against Moscow as the Soviets expect? Or do you push for the capture of Leningrad? Just as in history your opponent doesn’t know your strategic goals. Deploy your forces where you want and attack when you want.

1943 Citadel – Frontline: Change the plan and deploy your forces where you want. Where will the Soviets strike and what moves will the Germans make in 1943. The size of the battle hasn’t changed, just where it will be fought. You are the front line general.

1941 Operation Kita-Go (Alternate History): Germany and Japan plan a massive assault on the Soviet Union in secret. The hypothetical Operation Kita-Go becomes reality and the Red Army is pressed from both fronts. It is June 22nd 1941 and Stalin’s Russia is completely under siege.
And much more...

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