Down in Flames Goes Gold!
Official game website: (BFC) and Dan Verssen Games (DVG) are excited to announce that their air combat strategy game DOWN IN FLAMES just went gold!

DOWN IN FLAMES is an action-packed, fun and innovative game system based on the award-winning card games from Dan Verssen Games. With the unique action/reaction game system, gameplay is fast and furious, and yet captures the principles of airborne warfare during the Second World War exceptionally well. Hundreds of players are already playing the free beta demo version, released a few weeks ago, and competing for the top spots on the leaderboard while building their pilots to top aces, or recreating historical campaigns, or competing in official tournaments against each other.

Pre-orders open immediately, and the game is expected to ship within 4-6 weeks. The price is $35 plus S&H. This includes free online play and free monthly content upgrades (new playable aircraft, new campaigns, new rules and features). The game is only available via mail-order from directly.

Direct link to pre-order page:
Direct link to game info pages:
Direct link to “live” game site:

A new Gold demo is being prepared right now and will be released in the next 4-6 weeks. A beta demo is available at the moment as a free download at:

Special Note and DVG would like to thank all the players who participated in the open beta and enjoyed the beta demo and sent in a lot of great
suggestions and ideas. Down in Flames is going to be your game and your community! As a special thank you, all player registrations will remain active, and all beta demo pilots will be playable in the full version also, and will receive a special honorary medal for being members of the first hour.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION is an independent, internet-based publisher and developer of superior war and strategy games, among them the award-winning 3D tactical WWII combat simulation series Combat Mission (three successive Wargame of the Year Awards). Other titles include the stunning T72: Balkans on Fire! tank simulation, the grand strategy classic Strategic Command – European Theater (PC Gamer – 90%), as well as the famous TacOps 4 modern combat simulation, a commercial version of the official tactical training tool used by the U.S. Army. Besides computer games, offers a selection of books, prints, and other warfare related articles to one of the world’s largest and fastest growing war and
strategy gaming fan communities! Find out more at

Dan Verssen Games (DVG) is a freelance game design company around award-winning game designer Dan Verssen. It has established an industry wide reputation for creating easy to learn, fun to play, award-winning games, such as the Modern Naval Battles series, Hornet Leader, Thunderbolt + Apache Leader, the 4 games in the Down In Flames WWII Dogfight series, The Star Trek Collectible Dice Game, The 7th Sea CCG, The Corellian Smuggler and Indiana Jones games for Shadis Magazine, Road Kill for Avalaon Hill, and the 2 Flagship games. Find out more at
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