In the Spotlight! Theatre of War Gone Gold
1C and are excited to announce that Theatre of War has now officially gone gold! The much anticipated World War Two real-time strategy game by the creators of IL-2 Sturmovik and the makers of Combat Mission, will be released already in just a few days worldwide on April 19, 2007, initially via digital delivery from Battlefront's download portal at, and a couple of weeks later in a DVD version with printed manual available by mail. Theatre of War is not sold in stores due to Battlefront's "independent publisher" policy.

Due to the high demand and large number of pre-orders and to be able to deliver the anticipated download bandwidth required especially for the first days of release, Battlefront has multiplied its file hosting capacity by partnering with Fileburst, one of the leading high volume data delivery service providers on the market.

The gold demo for the game will be available for public download in just a few days.

Theatre of War - GAME BACKGROUND

Theatre of War depicts stunning battles of World War II between 1939-1945. Command hundreds of different unit types in 5 historical campaigns (US/UK, Soviet, German, French and Polish). This isn't just another WW2 RTS click-fest, but a thrilling Real Time Combat Simulator with an emphasis on realism and detail, and real world military tactics that will challenge even the most battle hardened armchair general!

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