Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict GOLD is here!!
It's here! Strategic Command World War Two Global Conflict GOLD is the brand new expansion to the original SC WWII Global Conflict game of grand strategy and global world dominance in the 1940's.

SC WWII Global Conflict GOLD boasts dozens of major new features, changes and improvements to the original game (such as a new interface and fast AI), as well as 4(!) new major campaigns, 4 entirely reworked campaigns (to include the new features), and a whole lot more!

SC WWII Global Conflict GOLD is available via download for only $25, as well as via mail delivery ($25 plus S&H) and both (includes download AND mail delivery for only $35 plus S&H). If you don't own the base game already, we offer an attractive Bundle as well, of both the base game and the GOLD extension in one pack for only $45.

Downloads are available immediately, and physical goods will begin shipping out of our US and EU locations within the next days. (EU customers: NO duties or taxes!)

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And if you want to try before you buy (which we fully support here at, then we will have an updated GOLD demo out for you soon. While you wait, don't miss the drama of the ongoing After Action Report that's unfolding right now in the discussion forum; the beta testers are at it again!

[ Click here to jump directly to the After Action Report ], Inc. 15 December 2011