The Sea Does Not Forgive Mistakes
Company: Biart
" Áèàðò " company informs on development of the most trustworthy simulator of diving Diver: Deep Water Adventures.

The depths of world ocean have been always attracted a man, as if embraces of a fatal beauty. Thousand dare-devils sent on a meeting to adventures. Attracting by treasures of the sunk ships, the mysterious nature, legends…

In the game you should plunge into a underwater life and to accomplish the enormous quantity of unforgettable adventures. Nevertheless, to earn for living by diving, you can only after graduating from the courses and getting of the of the professional diver. Special attention in game is given to the reliability. Any underwater mission represents a real place and event. For example, in one task you will have to moor in passage Kattegat for searching and rising of the documents from the sunk submarine of the Second World war.

Game is positioned as an trustworthy simulator of diving which will be interesting not only for fans of immersion in the depths of the seas and the ocean, but also for the people who have little in common with this pastime.

Appearance of the project on PC is planned for the end of 2005 year.


* the Complex simulator of diving
* the Mix of strategy / action
* the Infinite nonlinear gameplay
* Diving worldwide
* 2 types of game: an arcade, a simulator
* System of training and videocourses
* the Opportunity of research of the real sunk ships
* More than 15 real dive-sites
* Unlimited number of locations
* the Real equipment
* Treasures rising
* Hunting for huge sea predators
* Clever and heartless competitors
* the Opportunity of an underwater photo
* Night and day time immersions

About " Áèàðò " company:
Since 2000 company " Áèàðò " successfully works in the sphere of localization of program and game production. The experience collected has poured out in creation of the own project Diver: Deep Water Adventures - which subjects have been chosen - diving - hobby of the most of the studio workers.
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