Biart Studio Offers the Realistic Diving Simulator Check Dive
Company: Biart
MOSCOW, RUSSIA (GamesBizWire) - August 2, 2007 - Check Dive is a unique, general audience oriented, underwater diving simulation from Biart Studio. The program was developed with the idea of creating a relaxing and bright representation of the underwater world. Check Dive offers not only the fun aspects of a game, but the application of an underwater screensaver as well.

What does Check Dive allow the player to do?
With this program, the player is able to dive into two of the most colorful places on Earth, the Bahamas and The Galapagos Islands. While diving, the player can visit real underwater aspects such as the legendary sunken ship Thistlegorm. Check Dive has several unique features. They include:
- full-scale underwater 3D engine
- underwater screensaver
- 12 missions
- diving training system
- more than 50 kinds of fish with extremely realistic performance
- the fish guide, including information about the main families of underwater dwellers
- an ability to make underwater photos (saving the photos to your hard drive and then converting them into wallpapers for your desktop)

Because all of the underwater objects were created in 3D with reference drawings and photo materials, the user is able to undergo a total realistic diving. Sun-rays, beautiful underwater scenes, and a variety of aquatic life – all of these aspects give the player an amazing chance to relax and have some rest after hard day of work.

Check Dive allows the player to feel as though they are an actual underwater explorer. Allowing the player to truly participate in the breathtaking trip, not just be a detached observer, permits he or she to forget about the real world and completely plug into the calm, beautiful, and tranquil atmosphere of Check Dive.

Check Dive does not limit the age of the user. With a convenient interface and easy to use control system, Check Dive will also allow children to enjoy the underwater experience. Check Dive will interest anyone who has a connection to diving because it demonstrates the sport in its full feather.

Biart is now offering a Try&Buy version of the game on their homepage. They are also currently looking for publishers.

Minimum system requirements:

Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP, 1000 Mhz Intel or AMD CPU, 256 MB RAM, 3D video card with 64 MB RAM with pixel shaders supports, DirectX 8.0, 1Gb of free disk space

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About Biart
'Biart Studio' was founded in 2002 as an association of program and game developers. They are currently focusing on creating original PC titles. Their main theme is the underwater world. Biart’s partners include famous diving equipment companies like SCUBAPRO, UWATEC, Sea&Sea, Camaro, Tigullio, Waterproof and others. From 2006, Biart received status of an official game developer for XBOX360 and has began to develope AAA titles.
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