Drakensang Online: 20 million users and counting
Company: Bigpoint
Hamburg, September 21, 2013 – Bigpoint, a leading developer and publisher of online games worldwide, today announced that its award-winning MMO Drakensang Online had eclipsed the 20 million registrations mark. The company also posted a rousing new trailer on the new Steam Mechanicus class: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffuJTyzYnWk&hd=1

Drakensang Online: 20 million enthusiastic players worldwide

The game, produced in-house by Bigpoint, has proven highly popular around the world. More than 20 million registered players are now treading the action-packed path to thrilling adventure. With more than 25,000 new players daily, the game is growing constantly — especially in Asia.

"We're very proud that Drakensang has found so many fans worldwide. The team has done outstanding work, and the tremendous feedback we get from players is a big motivator for us. We're constantly working to improve the title, and look forward just as much as our fans do to more riveting content coming down the pipeline," says Bernd Beyreuther, Producer of Drakensang Online.

About the Steam Mechanicus:

Stout and inventive, the dwarven Steam Mechanica of Dracania know one thing: machines. The blood of the greatest artificers in history courses through their veins and bequeaths unto them an understanding of machines imbuing them with the ability to construct a gun from a collection of pipes and screws – or so goes the saying. Originally, the dwarves lived deep in the mountains and kept to themselves. Since the hordes of the Dragon emerged from the Anderworld, however, they began seeking allies among other fighters to overcome their ancient enemies. Through their inventions, the dwarves are renowned and feared the world over for their prowess in battle. They fuel their deadly weapons by harnessing the power of steam, which they extract from deep within the Earth’s core. When not fighting, dwarves are known for their humor and their love for technical toys.

The Steam Mechanicus has impressive mid-range firepower at his disposal, and is able to fire massive projectiles, hover with steam packs, build small artillery or rocket jump over cliffs. Furthermore, when the Steam Mechanicus has his blood up, he’s apt to hurl grenades at enemies or don a suit of iron to join the battle on the front lines.

About Drakensang Online:

Drakensang Online is an action RPG that meshes the most compelling elements from MMOs and the realm of fantasy. Aspiring heroes can choose to embark on an epic journey as the Dragonknight, Spellweaver, Ranger and, now, the dwarven Steam Mechanicus. Brave heroes are all that stand between peace and permanent darkness, between the kind-hearted Dracanians and hordes of formidable monsters, beasts and rogues from the Anderworld. Players must complete challenging quests, explore a myriad of intimidating dungeons and prove their valor in a series of non-stop adventures.
Starting the journey in this free-to-play title has never been easier with no client download or installation required of any kind. Drakensang is updated regularly to provide up-to-date content and present dedicated players with new and exciting challenges. Drakensang Online is available in over 20 languages and was awarded the 2011 German Developer Prize for “Best RPG” and “Best Browser Game.” Furthermore, Drakensang received two awards from the Deutscher Computerspielpreis (German Computer Games Awards) in 2009. For further information, please click the following:


About Bigpoint:

Bigpoint is one of the leading online game developers and publishers worldwide. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Bigpoint designs high-quality games for all gamer segments published on bigpoint.com, as well as by more than 1000 international distribution partners and media companies.

Employees from 35 countries use state-of-the-art technology to transform the industry with innovative gaming concepts, while setting international standards to fulfill the expectations of more than 300 million gamers in over 200 countries.

Every one of the 70 online games in Bigpoint’s portfolio is free-to-play and includes a customized micropayment system for each game to allow users to make micro payments to speed up their game progression.

Many of the titles have won various international prizes and audience awards, such as the MMO of the Year 2013 for Rising Cities and the Best Browser MMORPG 2012 for Drakensang Online.

In addition to its headquarters in Hamburg, Bigpoint holds a development hub in Berlin and maintains a presence throughout Europe and in the USA for distribution purposes.
For more information and press material, please visit the press area at www.bigpoint.net.