Drakensang Online Now Enriches Mac MMO Space
Company: Bigpoint
Hamburg, March 3, 2014 – The multi-award-winning action RPG Drakensang Online now provides full support for Macintosh users. A beta client for Apple OS X, which supports easy Facebook registration, can be downloaded at www.drakensangonline.com.

“Our aim is to provide everybody easy access to Drakensang Online regardless of the operating system they use. We are very happy to invite Mac users everywhere to join our large community centered on the best 'hack & slay' gameplay available, with truly outstanding graphics and an epic story. We believe that this will enrich the Mac MMO space significantly”, says Jürgen Frerichs, Associate Producer of Drakensang Online.

After several months of closed-beta testing, the Mac version is now ready for beta release, providing high-quality gaming experiences to all Mac users.

Now, all games developed by Bigpoint are ready to be played on Mac. All browser-based gaming takes is the relevant browser plug-in, for example Flash or Unity, and then you can start playing games such as Battlestar Galactica Online, DarkOrbit Reloaded, Merc Elite, Seafight, Farmerama, Rising Cities and Skyrama.

To use the for Drakensang Online relevant Mac client version, OS X v10.7 (Lion) or a newer version is required, plus 2 GB memory or at least an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphic card. The free update to OS X 10.9.1 (OS X Mavericks) is available at the official Apple website.

About Drakensang Online

The award-winning Drakensang Online has received a number of awards in the past, including both the jury and people´s choice awards, and among others the MMO of the Year Award, the MMORPG Center Player Choice Awards for the Best Browser MMORPG as well as the German Computer Game Award and the German Developer Award.

Drakensang Online is built on Bigpoint’s propriety Nebula Engine, which offers high-quality graphics comparable to those seen in most modern console games. This engine enables a unique online game for the browser (Windows), as well as a download client for Windows and now also OS X.

With more than 23 million registered users in over 200 countries playing Drakensang Online in 20 langauges, this massively multiplayer online game has enjoyed a great deal of international success and continues to attract around 700,000 new users every month.

Since the official launch in August 2011, over 100 completely new game releases have been published in Drakensang Online, including new characters, gear and creatures. The most recent expansion update, Myrdosch, included a whole new world with over 100 quests, a new Dwarf player class, 150 new items and a number of diabolical monsters.

Client-Download (Mac und PC): www.drakensang.com/community/download www.youtube.com/user/DrakensangOnline

About Bigpoint
Bigpoint is a leading online game developer and publisher worldwide. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Bigpoint designs high-quality games for all gamer segments published on bigpoint.com, as well as by more than 1,000 international distribution partners and media companies.

Employees from 35 countries use state-of-the-art technology to transform the industry with innovative gaming concepts, while setting international standards to fulfill the expectations of more than 340 million gamers in over 200 countries.

Every one of the 50 online games in Bigpoint´s portfolio is free-to-play and includes a customized micropayment system for each game to allow users to make micro payments to speed up their game progression.

Many of the titles have won various international prizes and audience awards, such as the MMO of the Year 2013 for Rising Cities and the Best Browser MMORPG 2012 for Drakensang Online.

In addition to its headquarters in Hamburg, Bigpoint holds a development hub in Berlin and maintains a presence throughout Europe and in the USA for distribution purposes.