Creatips and French Studio Bip Media Become Business Partners
Company: BiP media
Within the framework of ambitious expansion plans, today BiP media calls upon the company Creatips. The French studio which gave birth to Viking Invasions is seeking the best solution to market its upcoming game for the Nintendo DSiWare™ Advanced Circuits.

Since 2007, BiP media never fails to enhance his Nintendo handheld catalog. In 2009, the release of Viking Invasions on the Nintendo DSiWare™ results in a hit. The puzzle game Advanced Circuits comes after in Q2 2010. The gameplay is structured around an efficient concept: drawing tracks with the stylus to obtain a close circuit which goes across every single square of the game board.

BiP media stays alert to dematerialization
BiP media studio started at the initiative of Sophie-Anne Bled and Thierry Platon, two seniors from the interactive entertainment and the specialist press. This indie studio specialized in multimedia content from the beginning in 2004. A couple of years later, it turned to the video game universe with diverse projects on various platforms (Nintendo Wii™, PC, Nintendo DS™). Creative director Thierry Platon uses his experience gathered in prestigious publishers such as Atari or THQ, which can be felt in the wide range of DS software the studio developed.

Marketing support and Creatips
Launched by French publisher Zallag in early 2010, Creatips introduces itself as a business tool. A dedicated team offers sales and marketing support to independent studios. Their purpose is to find the right audience for quality games thanks to a comprehensive professional address book.

David Costarigot is at the head of the service. He talks about this partnership with much satisfaction. “It really is a pleasure to go hand in hand with the team of BiP media, he says. The concept of Advanced Circuits is very appealing and reminds us what we do: linking up independents to build a solid network.” He carries on unveiling that “the partnership is only beginning with that first game, other titles are already planned to go on.”

Creatips also announces a deal has just been concluded with another French development studio. The whole will be presented in detail in another press release very soon.

According to Thierry Platon, downloadable video games need specific marketing support. “Our goal is to offer fun games and challenges. This is not enough though, he says. For the release of Advanced Circuits, we are pleased to partner with Creatips. As this whole marketing aspect is entrusted to them, we have more time to focus on our prime activity of game developer.”

Photograph: Mathilde Cudeville

Full name: Creatips
Activities: Marketing analysis, Elaboration of PR and marketing operations, Web design
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Contact: Audrey Bernard

Founded in 2010, Creatips is a sales and marketing support for independent video game developers. A dedicated team (marketing product manager, business developer, graphic designer) elaborates solutions to increase the visibility of games through many digital distribution channels. Creatips is managed by the French publisher Zallag.

ABOUT BiP media
Full name: BiP media
Activities: Creation of video games and multimedia content

BiP media is an independent French video game studio dedicated to the creation of entertaining, innovative and high-quality family games for the Nintendo DSiWare™, WiiWare™, PC, XBLA and PSN. Since its creation in 2004, BiP media has successfully developed original and licensed IP in many game genres while steadily increasing the scope and ambition of its productions.

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