bitComposer brings the Arthurian legends back to life in Citadels!
Company: bitComposer
Eschborn, July 26, 2013: Citadels invites fans of real-time strategy games and medieval sagas to pick sides: starting today, you decide whether to join the forces of good or evil and rewrite the entire Arthurian legend in the process. The game is available on Steam as a downloadable PC game, and as well as in a boxed retail version for 39.99, $ 39.99, 37.99.

Citadels contains multiple campaigns that put players into one of two roles: either a member of King Arthur's entourage as he enters into the decisive battle against his archenemy, or as a collaborator of Mordred and his allies in their attempts to subjugate the kingdom. The players can take advantage of powerful castles, moats and defensive structures, as well as well-equipped armies and powerful siege weapons. Additional support in battle comes through the historical characters as well: those aligning themselves with King Arthur can secure the aid of Merlin, the legendary magician and royal advisor. He provides a significant starting bonus for any scenario.

Those who cast their lots with Mordred and his allies, by contrast, can earn the services of King Guthrum - a fearsome warrior who supports the troops where the battle rages thickest.

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About Citadels
Citadels relates a spellbinding story from a time of kings, noble knights, and impenetrable castles, offering medieval battles with extraordinary characters and numerous tactical possibilities. In order to survive waves of attacks and enemy sieges, players have to construct mighty castles and fortify them with moats, walls of spears, and units. In offensive missions, the player has to make sure that resource extraction and production are not disrupted in order to train a powerful army with a variety of different units and siege engines. The right balance between economy and battle is crucial for the outcome of every conflict.

Experience medieval England at the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table with detailed graphics and painstakingly designed environments - and rewrite history in the process!
Good or evil? Decide for yourself whether you will fight on the side of King Arthur or Mordred and his allies from the Northlands.
Construct impregnable fortresses and fortify them with units, moats, and spear walls. Your strategy will determine your success or failure.
A castle alone does not ensure victory! The right combination of defensive structures and units, as well as resource extraction and production are decisive for the outcome of a siege.
Fight medieval battles with an army of all kinds of units and siege weapons. When assembling your army, you will have access to archers, crossbowmen, swordsmen, mounted units, ladder carriers, catapults, trebuchets, ballistae, and siege towers.
Realistic projectile ballistics enables a tactical advantage for higher positions, and falling objects and rubble cause damage.
By fulfilling certain tasks, you can acquire legendary characters that will give you a bonus for your mission.
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