The Day after announced
Company: Black Bean
Varese, 25th February 2005. Black Bean and 1C Company are proud to present a totally new gaming experience, developed in Russia by G5 Software; The Day After is the first game to successfully combine the realism of Turn Based Strategy with the dynamics of Real Time Strategy. This title introduces a special operative mode, which enhances the strategic decision making process, thus taking it to a new level and allowing the player to carefully plan his actions in turn based mode then implement them on the battlefield.

The game transports you to the frontline; with your maps laid out you can strategically place your forces, group them and position them for attack. In characteristic turn based strategy mode, each turn is limited adding an extra touch of realism to the experience. Non-critical elements like optional missions add to the depth of game play.

The Day After offers a deeply satisfying strategy experience with a great deal of combat logistics involved. The player needs to consider many various factors like available fuel resources, positioning of close-by enemy airfields and the remaining amount of moves in order to complete missions successfully.

Marco Minoli, head of marketing at Black Bean commented, "We're excited about the quality of this title and the incredible opportunity it gives us to strengthen our catalogue. We're growing faster and stronger and we appreciate the feedback we're receiving from both press and distribution partners".

"We're happy to work together with Black Bean. The Day After will be our next game introduced by our partners to the European market", says Nikolay Baryshnikov, International Sales Director at 1C Company. "This title has become a real hit in Russia and I'm sure it has the potential to attract attention of gamers in other countries".

The Day After is already enjoying huge critical successes in Russia with an 8/10 on Russia's top gaming sites and

The Day After will be released in France, UK, Italy, Spain and Germany in May 2005 in a Limited Edition box featuring a 80 page full colour manual and a multimedia encyclopaedia that will describe all the vehicles included in the game.
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