Legion arena Ready to Conquer Europe
Company: Black Bean
"Caesar primum suo, deinde omnium ex conspectu remotis equis, ut aequato omnium periculo spem fugae tolleret, cohortatus suos proelium commisit. Milites loco superiore pilis missis facile hostium phalangem perfregerunt. Ea disiecta gladiis destrictis in eos impetum fecerunt." [De Bello Gallico; Liber I- XXV "Elvezies leaves the country"] *

Varese, 6th July 2005. Plunge into the Roman world and take part in the most famous battles of the ancient world. Some you will already have seen in strategy games. But Legion Arena is much more than a battle game!

Many recent strategy games have tried to take the genre in a different direction by adding action and stealth gameplay. Legion Arena instead adds all the progression and story elements of a role-playing game. Legion Arena is a pure entertainment cocktail with epic battles and highly scalable gameplay.

All set in a realistic and stunning world, Legion Arena allows you to retrace the most significant moments of Roman history, but with you in command! Take your army from its humble begins through over 100 scenarios to re-live the history and carve out an Empire.
Recruits are turned into hardened warriors by battle, gaining skills and characteristics as chosen by you. Only a true commander will be able to train his troops, choose their skills, determine their battle plans and guide them to victory on the battlefield and become the master strategist.

Legion Arena will release in Autumn 2005 on PC. This confirms Black Bean's position as a rising star in the strategy game genre.

Marco Minoli, head of marketing for Black Bean, says: "Legion Arena is an idea before being game. It brings strategy to a level where entertainment and fun are directly linked to the gamer's capacity to plan the battles and to succeed as a commander. There is no boring time at all during the gameplay, because even in the most strategic part, there is always a chance a single move can be wrong and cause defeat. What we liked in Legion Arena is all here: to combine a mind breaking experience with a stunning real time action engine. Slitherine are delivering a huge and entertaining experience this time around".

Confirming their choice of Black Bean and enthusiasm for this new title Iain McNeil, Lead Designer of Slitherine Strategies, adds: "Black Bean are growing publisher. We were impressed their professionalism and the direction the company is taking. You can expect great things from them in the future and we're really pleased to be working with them."


*"Caesar, having removed out of sight first his own horse, then those of all, that he might make the danger of all equal, and do away with the hope of flight, after encouraging his men, joined battle. His soldiers hurling their javelins from the higher ground, easily broke the enemy's phalanx. That being dispersed, they made a charge on them with drawn swords." [De Bello Gallico – Book I
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