NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer Set to Top Christmas Best Sellers
Company: Black Bean
The most advanced, innovative and practical fitness product for the WiiTM is set to top Christmas wish lists this year with NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer already making a huge impact in the market.

Due for release mid-September the all-video product combines goal based training with great nutritional advice and the option to train with one of four top class personal trainers.

Advance orders from retailers have exceeded all expectations as the UK continues to lap up health and fitness. Gym memberships are up year on year, celebrity fitness regimes never fail to capture headlines and Government initiatives such as Change4Life are driving home the importance of health and fitness to young and old.

And the launch of NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer comes as latest figures from the UK games industry reveal that videogames are no longer the preserve of teenage boys - the growth of family orientated and educational products has revolutionised the market.

Latest figures from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA), the UK games publishers’ trade body, reveals that innovation in the industry means the social and educational benefits of gaming are now enjoyed by players of both sexes and of all ages.

Wii FitTM continues to dominate sales in the UK and, in addition, the number of home and portable gaming consoles in the UK now stands at 24 million which is around the same number as there are UK households.

“NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer couldn’t have been launched at a better time,’’ said Fitness First managing director John Gamble.

“Women and men of all ages have a huge appetite for mainstream products but they want something new, exciting, innovative and most importantly relevant to their lives so NewU fits the bill perfectly.’’

Developed in conjunction with Fitness First and You Are What You Eat, NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer is the first product of its kind to feature video throughout providing interactive training sessions with your own personal trainer.

With a recommended price of £29.99 it is a goals orientated product so you select your priorities, the time you have and even the backdrop for your training. Fitness First personal trainers have devised the most effective workouts and they guide you through each session while expert nutritionists from You Are What You Eat have devised a range of healthy menus.

For further details take a look at the NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer website at