Set Your Own Fitness Goals With Newu Fitness First Personal Trainer for Personalized Training Plans
Company: Black Bean
NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer is a BlackBean Wii TM title that offers a complete and comprehensive workout program tailored specifically to the goals you choose, and thanks to the expertise of real personal trainers from the world’s largest gym franchise, Fitness First, you can achieve them!

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer allows you to create a profile and select different goals. No matter what your gender, age, height or current level of activity, everyone can begin to get fit with NewU. The goals are organized into four main categories: Sport, Shape, General Health and Special Occasions. NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer has 84 different exercises, which combined with the 50 goals give you over 900 possible workouts.

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer will ask you to choose a primary goal and an optional secondary one and then it will prepare you a personalized training and nutrition program. You will select your preferred personal trainer and even choose a training location, now your training can begin. To help you there are three real-time feedback systems to indicate how well you are executing the exercise:
• Traffic light system - green = good, red = try harder
• Timing bar at the top of screen – with audio pips and coloured sections
• Vocal encouragement direct from your trainer

In the fitness section you can access your daily fitness program and see the workouts you’ll be doing for the next day or even the rest of the week.

If you feel brave enough for a real challenge there are five very hard trials to push you to the limit, in one of these you can even take on the British Army fitness test. In very hectic period you can try the quick workout mode.

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer provides a bespoke nutritional program designed by the experts at You Are What You EatTM in order to get the full benefits of a new healthy life.

About Black Bean Games

Black Bean Games is the publishing label of Lago S.r.l., which is part of the Leader Group. Leveraging 20 years of market experience and knowledge, Black Bean is ideally positioned to launch games coming both from internal and external development teams, harnessing strong licenses, original IPs and focusing on three main areas: Racing, Family & Lifestyle and Action-Adventure games.

For further information about Black Bean and its products, visit the following web site:

About Fitness First

Fitness First is the largest privately owned health club group in the world with over 540 Fitness First clubs worldwide reaching over 1.4 million members in 19 countries. In the UK alone there are 164 Fitness First clubs with over 425,000 members.
Fitness First is a member of the Fitness Industry Association (F.I.A), the industry trade body which represents both private and public organisations that are involved in the fitness industry, visit

About Lightning Fish

Lightning Fish is a videogame developer specialising in family-oriented titles for all the major consoles. Established in June 2008, in Banbury, United Kingdom, it has been founded by some of the most experienced names in the business and relies on a very talented team of producers, programmers, designers and artists. Lightning Fish develop games for Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Windows, Smart Phones and arcade coin-op machines.

Despite being a new company, the team have previously released over a hundred games and sold tens of million of units. The staff have worked with high profile companies, such as Codemasters, Kuju, Black Bean Games, Milestone, Empire Interactive, Microsoft, The Bitmap Brothers, Renegade Software, Virgin Games, Sega Amusements, Namco, Atari, Taito, Interplay, Hasbro and Vivendi.

The key strengths of Lightning Fish lie in their highly-motivated teams and their broad experience. This allows them to produce innovative and quality games.