Arena Combat Game Metal Drift Gets a Big Update on Steam
Portland, OR. - Jan 17, 2013 - Developer Black Jacket Games has just released a sizeable update to their hover tank shooter, ‘Metal Drift’. In a response to forum posts and direct emails over the last 3 years; many of the issues raised by players and critics are being addressed in this update. It’s set to go live on Steam, Thursday, January 17.

The biggest addition is a new, completely unique ‘Wasteland’ arena. Metal Drift shipped with a single ‘Metro’ arena and 5 different level variations. This update effectively doubles the art content and adds an additional level variation, called ‘Javelin’. Additional level variations in the new arena are planned for upcoming updates.

Another big change allows demo players and retail players to compete against each other on the same servers. This is anticipated to greatly increase the amount of players concurrently online.

There are over 20 more features and fixes added to the update. A full list of changes can be found on the Steam news-feed change-log.

After years on the Steam store, the Metal Drift player base continues to grow as they hone their skills and climb the leader boards. This update will offer the dedicated community new battlegrounds, and a streamlined interface.

“Even though Metal Drift is well into a ‘long-tail’ of diminished sales, we love this game, and we want to make it even better.” - Weston Tracy, co-founder.

About Black Jacket Games

Black Jacket Games is an independent developer dedicated to creating polished, focused indie games. Currently Black Jacket is ramping up production on its second major title, Slime City.
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