Metal Drift Launching on Direct2Drive and GamersGate for $9.99
Portland, OR - February 17th - Developer Black Jacket Studios has re-launched their 2009 hit Metal Drift onto Direct2Drive and Gamers Gate today with additional features. Chief amongst the new features are specialized skins for various ranks giving players a much needed sense of identity within the game.

Originally released in 2009, Metal Drift was lauded by critics as being extremely action packed and very “splodey.” A perfect multiplayer experience.

"We first launched Metal Drift in October 2009, amidst an unfortunately crowded release schedule," says Brian Ramage of Black Jacket Studios, "As such our sales weren't the best they could be. After working on other projects for a while, we became determined to add some new features and re-launch Metal Drift on more digital distribution channels at a better date. Hopefully we'll be able to create a stronger community this time around."

Feature list:
· New account system – Allowing players to play each other on any PC platform.
· New Master Server – Faster, more reliable with more accurate player counts.
· New Tank Skins – Now identify players by rank.
· New East Coast and European dedicated servers – Low pings across the western world!

Bug Fixes:
· Fixed inaccurate player counts in servers.
· Fixed incorrect weapon bonus damage.
· Restored and fixed ‘Drakon Fire’ Steam achievement.
· Fixed collision issue with the ball bouncing off boost tunnels.
· Fixed ‘Team Fake’ boost color issue.

Misc. Changes:
· Added cockpit glass to the 1st person tank view.
· Reduced number of players necessary to record leader board stats from 6 to 4.

Metal Drift is now available now on Direct2Drive, GamersGate and Steam for $9.99.
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About Black Jacket Studios
Black Jacket Studios is an independent game house dedicated to creating polished, focused PC and iOS games. Founded in March of 2007 by Weston Tracy and Brian Ramage, Black Jacket is just beginning production on its second title, Slime City.
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