Black Hammer Game Announces Split from Strategy First
New York, NY – Black Hammer Game Inc., one of New York’s leading independent game developers, has announced that it terminated its relationship with Strategy First Inc. in July 2004. Consequently Strategy First will no longer be publishing its upcoming PC turn-based strategy title “Supremacy: Four Paths To Power”. Strategy First is no longer authorized to represent Black Hammer Game, Inc.

Supremacy: Four Paths to Power is a unique turn based strategy game of interplanetary combat. The game casts the player in the role of one of four Commanding Officers (COs), each with their own abilities and strategies. No matter which CO is selected the goal is the same – conquest of the galaxy! They will have to manage resources, produce units, capture planets and space stations, and ultimately, defeat their enemies.

4 unique storylines for each individual race
Combat is fought in space and on planetary surfaces
Approximately 45 unique units including suicide bombers, flamethrowers and massive mechs
Adaptive AI that will continually challenge your strategies
Unique resource management and economic system
Robust multiplayer allows you to find and challenge others
Customize the game to better suit your preferences
Multiple tactical approaches to each battle keeps combat fresh
Ruthless AI controlled Space Pirates may hinder your plans
Extensive in-game help makes Supremacy easy to learn but difficult to master

For more information on the game please visit or contact Thor Jensen at Black Hammer Game, thor@blackhammer .com / 212 625 8980 x10

About Black Hammer Game
Black Hammer Game is a game development company for the console and PC platforms. Our first title, I Spy Challenger, released in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance, has received dozens of positive reviews and awards. Our current project, Supremacy: Four Paths To Power, will be published in 2004, and we are already planning our next title. We are located in SoHo, New York and are doing our best to help build the growing game development culture on the East Coast, one game at a time.
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