Blitwise Releases Super DX-Ball
Endicott, NY - November 16, 2004 - Michael P. Welch, the creator of Pocket Tanks and DX-Ball, and BlitWise Productions have released Super DX-Ball. Two years in the making, Super DX-Ball is an arcade game designed with both Breakout veterans and casual players in mind.

The full version of Super DX-Ball contains 150 levels of brick-busting action, including dozens of dazzling new boards. From a fire-breathing dragon to more abstract, kaleidoscopic designs, each eye-catching level fills the screen with evidence of the creative energy poured into the game. BlitWise also included board packs and enticing secrets for retro fans.

In addition to new levels, Super DX-Ball features all of the elements that made the original a hit. Explosive bricks make a return, for example, as do the classic powerups. From laser guns and fireballs to pickups that modify the gameplay in various ways, the collection of familiar bonuses will allow long-time fans to slip comfortably into the action. New players will be able to get up to speed immediately as well, thanks to Super DX-Ball's simple controls.

Additional features include a Kid's Mode for an easier gameplay experience, music by DNA Groove and bright, colorful visuals. For people who purchase Super DX-Ball, BlitWise is already working on expansion packs slated to be available in the near future.

Visit to view screenshots of Super DX-Ball, download a demo and purchase the full game.

About BlitWise Productions
Michael P. Welch, the creator of Scorched Tanks, Pocket Tanks, DX-Ball and Super DX-Ball, has been making games for 18 years. A fan of the Commodore 64 and Amiga computers, Michael's affection for small scale projects involving one or two developers evokes a bygone era in computer gaming. His ability to produce blazing frame rates, bright colors, awesome visual effects and simple, addictive gameplay, however, give his projects a modern polish that represents the pinnacle of independent development.
BlitWise sells its games online and offers free technical support to customers. A shareware version of each release is available at
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