Dizzy Returns as the Oliver Twins Kickstart a new Dizzy adventure!
2012 Nov 23 LEAMINGTON SPA, UK Philip and Andrew Oliver, the original creators behind Dizzy, one of the most successful European computer game brands of the late 1980s, have today announced Dizzy Returns, a Kickstarter UK campaign to fund a brand new adventure game starring Dizzy.

The Dizzy Returns campaign gives fans old and new the chance to be a part of Dizzy history, not only by giving their financial support by pledging, but also by being involved with design decisions throughout development via backer-only design forums. Other rewards on offer include exclusive digital content available only to Kickstarter backers and opportunities to be immortalised in the new game, with more rewards to be announced during the 30 day campaign.

“Dizzy Returns is the game that Andrew and I have wanted to make for over twenty years”, says Philip Oliver, CEO at Blitz Games Studios, the company founded by the Oliver Twins in 1990. “We've always believed in creating games that are fun, challenging and rewarding and we've carried those principles through into everything that Blitz has created since. Dizzy encapsulates these ideals perfectly: quirky characters and story, interesting locations, challenging platforming, the satisfaction of a puzzle well-solved and exploring a colourful, fun world.”

The first Dizzy, published in 1987 was an instant hit with gamers of all ages, with its perfect blend of platforming, puzzle solving and exploration. It spawned a hit series of over 15 games over multiple platforms, including the Amstrad, Spectrum and Amiga.

Successful funding of the £350,000 campaign will allow development to begin on iOS and PC versions of Dizzy Returns, with additional platforms dependent on the final amount raised.

“It’s been over two decades since the last brand new Dizzy game” continues Andrew Oliver, CTO, “and since then not only has technology advanced dramatically, so has the way we play games. We want to bring Dizzy bang up-to-date, and introduce him to a new generation of gamers. We also want to give loyal fans the Dizzy game they’ve been waiting for! Capturing the spirit and magic of the original series of Dizzy games, whilst creating a gaming experience relevant to gamers today is something that we’re confident that we can do, and do right.”

Dizzy Returns is billed as ‘the biggest and best Dizzy game ever’ and The Oliver Twins will be working closely with the development team at Blitz to create new control methods, new game mechanics and new puzzles never before seen in a Dizzy game.

Philip continues: “Dizzy Returns is not about simply replacing the old; we want to create fantastic new Dizzy memories that will be looked back on in 20 years with the same warm feelings as the original series.“

The Dizzy Returns Kickstarter page can be found here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theolivertwins/dizzy-returns

About Blitz Games Studio
Blitz Games Studios (www.BlitzGamesStudios.com) is a highly respected, award-winning independent games developer founded in 1990 by industry veterans Philip & Andrew Oliver. Based in the UK (in Leamington Spa), it now employs over 220 dedicated and talented staff, and maintains a diverse portfolio that showcases its industry-leading, licensable development technology BlitzTech. Recent releases include Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (co-developed with Junction Point and Disney Interactive Studios), Kumo Lumo, the studio’s first title to be developed exclusively for iOS and Puss In Boots: The Video Game (for THQ/Dreamworks).