Blockdot Releases Refuel Rampage for Chocolate Milk
September 5, 2008 (Dallas, TX) – Dallas-based Blockdot is serving up an awesomely addictive side-scrolling adventure for kids of all ages: “Refuel Rampage.”

Designed for the Body By Milk® campaign, “Refuel Rampage” promotes chocolate milk’s unique mix of key nutrients that can help you refuel and rehydrate after exercise, as well as the protein in milk that can help build muscle when combined with exercise.

Ready to go on your “Refuel Rampage”? Then step into the game’s action-packed landscape! Your character, Milkboy, is on a mission to help his buddies refuel and rehydrate with delicious chocolate milk.

Use your left and right arrow keys to move through the game, and use your spacebar to jump. Be sure to avoid the obstacles marked with a red arrow! The more chocolate milk bottles you pick up, the more points you earn. Grab enough of ‘em in a round and you’ll move on to the next level…but remember, if Milkboy runs into three obstacles, his mission – and the game – comes to an end!

You can play “Refuel Rampage” by visiting

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