The ultimate test of gaming skill and technique out now on PlayStation® Network and PlayStation Vita
Company: Bloober Team
KRAKOW, POLAND – 5th November 2013 – Wanted: hardcore gamers with seriously mad skills to take on the toughest game releasing this fall. Independent Polish developer Bloober Team is proud to unleash their Arcade Platform Shooter A-Men 2, out now on PlayStation Network and PlayStation Vita priced at $9.99.

Proudly wearing its hardcore gaming credentials on its sleeve, A-Men 2 sees players take on the role of the elite A-Men, a Special Forces until with a variety of skills and abilities, as they travel across the world on a mission to take down the lethal A-Droids, renegade robots that have escaped from the factories of A-Corp, the world’s biggest producer of robot soldiers, before they cause untold chaos and destruction.

Key Features
· Five playable character classes – Aardvark (Spy), Aurelius (Muscleman), Anaconda (Commando), Antler (Engineer), Atom (Private)
· Brand new character skills – Spy; disarm droids when sneaking from behind. Engineer; able to disarm landmines. Private; can pick up disarmed landmines and place them in different locations. Commando; can use jetpacks to reach new locations. Muscleman; can both intimidate and taunt enemies
· Three new worlds – Night Missions, Suburbs, Hidden Labs. Each much larger and more complex than the levels in the original game
· More stages – 44 in total, up from 40 in the original A-Men
· Bigger & tougher – more challenging than the first game with at least 20 hours needed to complete it

A throwback to the classic arcade era when determination to finish a game was a true badge of honor and when elite gamers were revered, A-Men 2 is this year’s ultimate gaming challenge. Are you in?

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About Bloober Team
Bloober Team S.A. is a game developer focused on character-driven games for the most hardcore and demanding audience. The company is focusing mostly on Sony PlayStation platforms and provides the most challenging gaming experience on the market.
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