Blue Bug Games Releases Add 'em Up!
January 14th, 2005 - Do you remember learning 3rd grade math, wondering how you would actually use that stuff in real life? It finally pays off with a unique new puzzle game from Blue Bug Games (

Add 'em Up is available now for Windows 98se/NT/2000/ME/XP, for $14.95 (USD). You've never had this much fun combining strategy, concentration, basic math, and a bit of luck. Clearing the board may seem easy to start, but given the limited moves or the ticking clock, you'll have to stay sharp to find the best moves.

Boasting 4 modes of play, 5 difficulty levels, and over 50 puzzle stages, Add 'em Up is a constant challenge for the mind. Compete with family and friends and earn your bragging rights with recordable High Scores and Best Times. Add 'em Up is guaranteed to stay fresh with randomly generated boards. You can literally play millions of games and never see the same layout twice.

Have kids hungry for video games? Let them go at this and watch them blossom into expert adders! They'll have so much fun, they'll forget that they're honing their addition and multiplication skills.

Whether young or young at heart, you'll love Add 'em Up for hours of brain-bending entertainment. Rack up bonuses to score big in Classic Mode, set record time in Panic Mode, or solve each challenge in Puzzle Mode. However you want to play, it sums up to a smart and fun gaming experience to add to your library.

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