Card Hunter Coming To Your Browser on September 12th 2013
Company: Blue Manchu
Sydney, Australia – August 27, 2013 – Blue Manchu Games announced today that its innovative debut game, Card Hunter, will release on the 12th of September 2013, available through all good internet browsers at Card Hunter is Jonathan Chey’s first game after co-creating BioShock and is a collaboration with legendary Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield.

Card Hunter blends collectible card gaming and board gaming, resulting in a uniquely addictive experience that’s easy to play but with infinite tactical possibilities. Its eye-catching presentation pays homage to the golden age of role playing games as you battle through Game Master Gary’s fantasy campaign. The extensive multiplayer mode also allows players to duel fellow Card Hunters online.

“After working on BioShock and selling Irrational Games, I wanted to do something really different that appealed to my inner nerd. Card Hunter is the result.” said Jonathan Chey, CEO of Blue Manchu. “We’ve created a computer game that evokes the experience of playing a great fantasy RPG with your friends around a table - only with cards!”

Jump into Card Hunter at launch and play for free. For those who want more, get the new Basic Edition, which contains everything you need to get started, including all the single-player content, a host of extra figures and Club membership for just $25.

About Card Hunter
Card Hunter first came to the attention of a wider audience when Penny Arcade’s Tycho named it his game of the show at PAX Prime 2012. Since then the game has had 50,000 beta sign-ups.
In addition to it’s card-battling mechanics, Card Hunter uses addictive item collecting to fuel an all-new deck-building mechanic that revolutionises and streamlines the collectible card gaming genre. An extensive single-player experience is supplemented with the endless challenge of competitive multiplayer, powered up by a unique “reward track” that allows you to win and collect new cards purely by playing the game.

Here’s what the press are saying:

“Card Hunter is the next great board game, and it’s all in your browser.” -
“I say without any embellishment whatsoever – It’s downright amazing.” -
“The final ace in Card Hunter's hand is a biggy: Magic: The Gathering's Richard Garfield is consulting on the project, which makes the whole thing quite the singularity of brilliance” -

About Blue Manchu
Blue Manchu is a collection of games industry veterans working as a virtual team across four different time zones. CEO Jonathan Chey was a co-founder of Irrational Games and a co-creator of the hit game BioShock, one of the highest reviewed games of all time, with a 95% Gamerankings review average. Joe McDonagh, who also worked on BioShock, was Production Director at PopCap Games and Creative Director at LucasArts. Programmer Farbs created indie darling Captain Forever. Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield is a consultant designer on the project.
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